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Internet & WWW

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The Internet has became the fastest and easiest way to access, send, and receive information. It’s a worldwide connection of thousands of computer networks all around the world. The history of the Internet and the World Wide Web is very elaborate and detailed as it’s been around for thirty years. In 16, the idea for this massive network of computers came from the threat of a nuclear war. US Government officials were afraid that a centralized network would be easily destroyed and communication would be lost.

In the early 160’s, the USSR launched Sputnik, that was the start of global telecommunications and the Packet-switching (PS) networks. The PS networks split data into tiny groups that made it difficult to track, giving the military more privacy. In response, the United States formed the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARAP) within the Department of Defense to publicize the fact that the US would lead in the science and technology capabilities for their military. ARAP awarded the ARAPNET contract to BBN in 168. BBN selected a minicomputer as a base to build the switch. The network was finished in 16, linking University of California at Los Angeles, SRI, University of California at Santa Barbara, and the University of Utah.

In 17, the ARAP was renamed The Defense Advanced Research Projects Academy (DARPA). This created a research program to investigate methods and technologies for interlinking packet all kinds of networks. The goal was to develop communication protocols which would allow networks to interconnect and communicate with each other. This was called the Internetting Project and the system of networks that surfaced from the research was called the Internet.” In 174, Vint Cerf and Bob Kahn used the term internet in a paper on transmission control protocol. TCP is a set of rules that are used to work the internet protocol that sends data in the form of message between computers over the internet. In the 180’s the creation of BITNET, by IBM, “Because its Time Network”, introduced the “store and forward” network. This network became the program to send an email.

In the early 10’s, the Internet exploded in growth. Everyone you talked to everywhere you heard about the Internet! It was estimated that the number of computers connected to the internet was doubling every year. It was also estimated that at this rate, everyone would have an e-mail address by the year 00. The main cause of this growth was the creation of the World Wide Web.

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The Internet was used to read text only. The in the early 10’s, a way to view pictures and sounds emerged from the World Wide Web. The World Wide Web was created at CERN, a physics laboratory in Switzerland. The Web is an interactive system for the posting and retrieval of information through web pages. Today there are many more things to do on the Internet, it has become so vast that a person could spend twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, three-hundred sixty-six days a year and you would never see it all.

Day by day the internet grows. As the Internet advances - so does technology. Some people believe that the Internet will crash someday because of the massive amounts of traffic online. Others feel that the internet will be around forever. Only time can tell what the future of the Internet and World Wide Web will be.

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