Saturday, April 7, 2012

Media Literacy: How do i get my information?

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How do I get my information?


I usually only read the newspaper about four times total in a month. I don’t read the Orange County, or Los Angeles Times at all besides the comics(...heh eh..Garfield, you lazy kitty..) I’m not to concerned with getting information from either one, because neither one really has any information that pertains to me directly.

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That is why I read the “Garden Grove Journal”. It’s my local newpaper, and it’s published every week, and you can pick up a copy of it for free at just about anywhere in Garden Grove. It gives me local news, local events, and local opinions. These are things I’m going to directly need, since this is where I spend about 5% of my life, so That’s why I don’t read too many other Newspapers.

. Weekly Magazines.

None. I don’t read any at all, Simply because The opinions and views expressed in most of them aren’t worth the paper their printed on. Also, I barley have enough money to buy my monthlu magazines, so buying weekly is an impossibility for me.

. Monthly Magazines.

The only information I get from monthly magazines, is the info I want. I read EGM (Electronic Gaming monthly), PSM (Unnofficial Playstation Magazine), Gamepro, Gamers Republic, Animerica, and any other computer entertainment software magazine I can get my hands on. I’m very interested in Video Games because, well..I’m addicted. Also, Video Games are becoming less of just “games”, and are becoming more and more of a new type of entertainment medium, and artform.

As far as news goes...I don’t get any info from my monthly magazines about the “happenings” of the world. I just don’t read those types of magazines, because I was never interested in them before.

4. Non-Fiction books.

In truth..I think I only read about two non-fiction books a year, and this is on account of that they are usually books that are mandatory reads from my english teachers. Most of them I have enjoyed, or thought very thought provoking. My favorite non-fiction books are books based on the years of 140-145. I like to read about real evnts of World War II. I happen to find the it fascinating I feel that it was the last war in our nations history that really meant anything, so it’s of high interest to me.

However, the last Non-fiction book I read was entitled “Mankind a Tale of Blood and Sweatsocks.” by Mick Foley. I think that was the best non-fiction book I’ve read that wasn’t about WWII.

5. Radio.

I get information from the Radio on a sporadic basis. Somtimes, My dial is switched onto KFWB news 8 for “all-around” coverage on what’s going on in the world, or traffic reports. Also, I listen to a lot of Music Radio stations, mostly KROQ. Occasionaly you’ll hear news reports on KROQ, but most of the time, it’s just celebrity info, or jokes being made about world events.

6. Cable Television.

Thi is where I accumulate about 85% of my information on world news. Most of my time is spent on flipping between Fox news, MSNBC (I don’t trust them because their owned by M$), and CNN. I like the “O’Reiley factor”, but I rarley pay attention o he names of the announcers. I could care less about them ,and their life storry (name included), because I’m wathcing the news to get the NEWS, not remember some bald guys name.

Cable television is also my secondary source of entertainment.

7. Broadcast Television.

Before I got cable, all I ever watched was broadcast. However, since getting the internet, and cable television, broadcast television has never once really swayed me to watch it again. I’ve maybe skimmed back past it every now and then (Mostly for Simpsons, and other entertainement like that) but not as my main channels.

8. Computer Services.

I don’t look for news on the internet. However, I use MSN explorer (heh..yeah I know) and when I start it up, It has lots of headlines, and spotlights on both World news, and entertainemnt news. Otherwise, I never check for news on the net.

. Cable TV service.

First of all, I never knew this existed. Secondly, I wouldn’t use it, because My cable bill is high enough, and putting even eight more dollars on it ould screw me over.

10. Other Deliverey systems.

I don’t use any other systems, because I hardly use the basics as is.

Opinion of the current state of the media

The media is rat race, and should be treated as nothing more than as such. All sides want viewers, and all sides are no better than the other. Ratings is what they need, and most people are dumb enough to give it to them. Fine with me. I don’t mind. The media is there for my pleasure, and my enjoyment anyways, so Let it do what it wants. I don’t care what marketing ploy, or political crisis they bring up, because I’ve realised that all media is being controlled by someone , somewhere. The best thing to do is syphon through the stuff that does not appeal to you and only bother with stuff that matters to you, and you yourself.

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