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What is so good about word processing?

Word processing software lets you create, edit format, store, retrieve and print a text document. A document is any text that can be keyed in, such as a memo. Creating is the original composing and keying in the document. Editing is making changes to the document to fix errors or improve its content.

Formatting refers to adjusting the appearance of the document to make it look appropriate and attractive. Storing the document means saving it on disk so it can be accessed on demand (experienced users save a document at regular intervals to avoid losing!). Retrieving the document means bringing the stored document from disk and using or changing the document. Printing is producing the document on paper.

Is it necessary for a global team to meet in person in order to successfully complete a project?

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You are member of a global team consisting five members and working on an international project. Members of the team are based in London, Lagos, Kuala Lumpur, Colombo, and Cyprus. How can technology assist in a successful completion of a project?

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