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The o team

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The O Team

Eyetique is a small optical chain in Pittsburg. In 4 years, the president has turned

its name into a retail brand that stands for innovation, quality, and top-line services, which

is an intangible resource for the company. The company uses a focused differentiation

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strategy; they market they sell to is mainly corporate business people and they offer unique

products and services. They are a growing enterprise with stores currently, but with

hopes of opening more locations by the end of this year.

The President wants people working for him that think outside of the box. They

do not wait for people to come into their stores; they go and get the customers. Eyetique

is a very proactive company. especially during this time that many companies are cutting

back. The company’s innovation is another intangible resource that the company


About 15 years ago, Eyetique introduced the Eyetique Advantage. It was

designed to get patients in the store by offering employees and family members of

participating corporate clients a 0% discount. Most recently the company’s leaders have

created two new programs to meet the changing needs of the corporate clients and to

further grow business. One plan supplements a corporation’s existing vision insurance

with enhanced features and added discounts. The other plan takes on the role as insurance

company for corporations that offer no vision insurance; Eyetique offers benefits such as

large discounts on frames and lenses.

They also offer a new plan called Eyetique Advantage to You, which brings an

optometrist, an optician, and a wide selection of frames, lenses, and contacts into the

corporation’s conference room. They bring a marketing executive on the road with them

to get them in the door and set up the appointments. The team travels with portable

equipment for the doctor to perform the eye exams. The doctor does the eye exam, and

the optician sells glasses. They return a week later with the eyewear, and return another

two weeks later to make final adjustments and check for any other problems. They make

sure to maintain their brand image on the road by bringing in gourmet coffee, bottled

water, chocolate, and other small amenities to enhance the experience. Eyetique

researches each of the companies they go to get an idea of what price range and frame

selection are needed, but they never judge a book by its cover so they always include the

highest end frames in their selection including Cartier.

The strategy of going out to get customers sets Eyetique apart from many of its

competitors. Currently they have a competitive advantage, but what they are doing is easy

to imitate so they could lose this competitive advantage. That is why they are continually

trying to come up with new ideas and stay innovative.

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