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Operating definition of OB

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My Operating Definition of “Organizational Behavior”

I define Organizational Behavior (OB) as the ability to see the complete picture and at the precise moment those factors leading up to that particular point in time. The complete picture could be based on an individual or a group. More specifically I identify organizational behavior as the ability to recognize why people work, respond, or react the way they do. It is the answer to these actions that is based on culture, education, gender, work/life experience, and even birth order. These reactions can also vary depending on whether the individual is alone or in a group.

It is my understanding that organizational behavior instructs us not to analyze someone on their first reaction, the tone of their voice or the look on their face. It motivates us into taking interest in the issues that lead up to the response we perceive. An example is A co-worker has passes me in the hall, I say hello, yet his eyes are downcast, the look on his face is one of irritation, he disregards me and he is murmuring something to himself. Upon my initial reaction I can decode what he is experiencing as possibly one of four situations. 1. I can assume he is upset with me, or there is something I have or have not done. . There might be trouble with his work or a project not running smoothly. Maybe his customer has pulled a change-order at his expense. . It could be he is experiencing personal problems. His kids may be in trouble, or perhaps his wife is upset with him. There could possibly be an easier explanation. 4. It may simply be that someone who came across his path seconds before I did upset him.

In conclusion, whatever the co-workers reasons may be, “OB” gives us the skills to look deeper into why people act the way they do, or don’t do. We as managers must take into account all of the different variables that make up individuals and accommodate each and every one. It is the practice of the past to force a round ball into a square hole. Managers must break away from conforming workers into idealistic squares.

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We must now create work environments where everyone feels comfortable and is free to work to their fullest potential.

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