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Poetic Kinetics

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Dennis and Andrew Smith have a special relationship in addition to their father/son relationship. They create masterpieces together. Dennis began as a sculptor generally crafting structures that resembled flying machines. His work focuses on the poetry of life. He has said, “Your art is a poetic expression of your anxiety or ecstasy.” Andrew’s many abilities with moving parts have enabled the structures to “come to life”; he adds the kinetics. “I like to incorporate moving elements into my sculptures, something that will draw people in and wonder how it works” (1). They sometimes work alone, and they sometimes combine their styles to generate a new style of assemblage art.

The art piece entitled “Portal” was the center-piece of the Poetic Kinetics exhibit. It, therefore, caught my attention from the very beginning. The piece was created using what most of us would label “trash”. Cranes, chains, metal tracks, and balls were all colored brightly to create an effect of being transported to a new place. It reached the desired effect. I was in awe as I followed the path of the balls by walking around and under the assemblage. Everyone who viewed this piece had the opportunity of gleaning something from it. The continual movement and the large variety of objects, I believe, enabled all viewers to receive the piece on a personal level. Everyone from small children to adults could feel an interaction with certain elements. As I attended the exhibit, I observed an elderly couple watching “Portal” with incredible interest. The woman continually pointed to the balls and said “Look.” The man simply sat quietly and smiled. The real essence of “Portal” is its ability to appeal to all audiences.

In addition to the entertainment value of “Portal”, the art captured Dennis Smith’s idea of poetry in art. There seemed to be a story involved somehow in the piece the story of childhood. The artists portrayed their expressions of the playfulness of life and the journey that we all took growing up. They captured the essence of what it means to be a kid tumbling around through life’s situations and having fun doing it.

My imagination and creative right brain were both satisfied while viewing this exhibit. I must admit that at my first view of the room containing “Poetic Kinetics” I was rather cynical; all I saw was junk. However, after just a few minutes of looking around, I decided that this junk was rather “cool”. Although “Portal” was my favorite piece, I also enjoyed some of the flying machines. I was enchanted by the bright colored objects. “Portal” contained a yellow typewriter. This object really interested me because it seemed so out of place despite the fact that all the objects were random. Some objects seemed to fit more than others. The bells, for example, seemed to fit perfectly. They added noise to the contraptions when the balls came blundering by. Clothespins added more noise. The various sounds present really made me feel as if I was participating in the art instead of just viewing.

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Perhaps even greater than my enjoyment of the color and sound, was my love for the movement. This element was the real trigger to my fascination. I laughed with delight as I saw a ball that seemed to be flying aimlessly through the air, land directly back onto the track and continue its course. Every once in a while I would lose the trail of a certain ball while trying to watch two or three balls at once. I felt a sort of relief when I found “my” ball again. I found myself walking underneath and around “Portal” trying to find exactly how the machine worked, thus fulfilling the artist’s desired effect. The variety of color, noise, poetry, and kinetics combined to form an assemblage that transported the observer to a world of playfulness and childhood.


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