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tape analysis

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Many of these pieces have believes of one kind or another behind them. The pieces such as Call to prayer and “Camel Drivers song” are not considered music in their region but they serve a higher purpose of either assembling people together as with call to prayer or for protection on the camel caravans like with “Camel Drivers songs.” Some others that have belief attached to them are “Ala L’Ake,” “Nhemamusasa,” and “Makala.” “Ala L’ke” has the history and how important it is to pass down history and ancestry connected with it. Then with “Nhemamusasa” the people performing this Bira ritual feel it is important that they bring some one into trance so they can find the answers to the questions they have to ask. Lastly with “Makala,” the pigmy people feel it is of important to do there yodeling and communicate with nature so that good things will happen and that they can survive as hunter-gatherers.

In all of these pieces there is a lot of Ascetics. Most of these people, but not all may take years to try and learn and practice these pieces to perform them. Then there are others that may not have to work as hard and not practice as log as the others, but still they have great ascetics. There is ones that I would say has the greatest amount would be the pigmies and there yodeling. Because, they are vocal but sound as if they are using instruments. Just the fact to make your voice sound the same as an instrument is a challenge/ Also with instruments you can for the most part make the same sound all the time but with your vocal cords it takes a lot more practicing to make a great piece.

All of these pieces have their own unique context. Each piece has a place where it has to be preformed to have it sound right. Some of the only ones that may be able to have the context change unlike the rest would be Afro pop pieces. Theses can be recreates some where else a lot easier then any of the others.

Most of the pieces have history or deal with it. “Babanzele,” Call to Prayer, and “Ala L’ake,” are just a few that fit this category. With Call to Prayer it has history in the aspect that the Islam’s have bee praying to Mecca for centuries so this chant has been around just as long. Then with “Babazele” it has history like Call to Prayer in the fact that it is a traditional chat and has probably been around almost as long or as long as the pigmies themselves. Now with “Ala Lake,” it has to do with both history in itself and dealing with the telling of it. This piece is more of a story of history for a person so it has a lot to do with history too.

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A Great majority of these pieces have activities that go a lot with them. The song “Nhemamusasa,” is a song that goes along with the Bira ritual to try and get people to go into a trance. Then with Bedouin Coffee Grinding Music it says in the title what activity goes along with this music. Lastly one of the many pieces that go along with some activity is Masi Milking song, once again like the coffee grinding music the title says what the activity is.

I would say that the style of music for this tape would be African music. The Genres consist of Pigmy yodeling, Bira rituals, Afro pop, and there are many others in the continate that aren’t discussed or on the tape.

All of these pieces have text, but a few of them don’t. Like the pigmy chants because it is kind of hard to make rhythmic sounds and sing at the same time.

Most all of these pieces have no composition they are transmitted for the majority from parent to child or from teacher to student. But Afro pop could be composed.

The transmition for these pieces may take many years to pass down like Call to Prayer, Pigmy Chants or even to become a Ahaji or some may not take as long to teach or they may not be transmitted at all like the postal workers and coffee grinders. For the most part all of these pieces and rituals are transmitted from one generation to the next.

There are a few pieces of music that may not have movement, but for the rest of them they have movement like the Coffee Grinding Music if they didn’t move then there wouldn’t be music.

All of these songs except really the chants use some kind of material as in the Bira rituals they use instruments such as a mbira and they also use costumes to conceal themselves. Then with the postal workers they use what ever they have in the postal office to make their music.

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