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At the age of thirteen a child becomes a teenager. But adolescence can happen at any time during the teenage years. Adolescence is the growth from childhood to manhood or womanhood. Over the years the teenage generations have changed a lot. Back in the early 50s, Wally Cleaver was the ideal teenager. Then in the 70s the hippie generation took over. The 80s were all about big hair and neon colors. But the teenage generation of today has a great desire to be different. In todays culture, we are breaking all the rules and setting new levels of individuality. Teenagers are finding new and exotic ways to express themselves. They do everything from piercing and tattoos to changing their style of clothes and the color of their hair.

When a child reaches a certain age, he or she grows from being a kid to being a teenager. Some people see this change as just puberty, but this stage does a lot more than foster physical changes. These years are the building blocks that are the making of an adult. Probably the single most important step from adolescence to maturity is the transition to healthy independence). During this period, teenagers may change their appearance several times. Finding ones identity in todays rapidly changing world is more difficult than ever before .There are so many choices today that it is hard to decide what to be. Teenagers simply try them all out until they find one that fits.

The challenge of dealing with all the biological and psychosocial changes is enormous. As a child turns into a young adult the body goes through many changes. The feelings and emotions that puberty causes can confuse and scare a child. During puberty the outside body changes as much as the inside. If a young teen develops too fast or too slow it can be hard to get along with peers. The main mental change of a teen is the search for their identity.


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Parents have a big effect on the adolescent years of a teenager. Adolescence doesnt just happen to the adolescent. It happens to his whole family. As teenagers go through adolescence they show expressive freedom. Teenagers want to have the freedom to explore new ways of life. It is important for parents to let their teenagers go through all of these changes. Normally, parental values and standards have been deeply embedded in the young person, but during early adolescence shifts of varying intensity are made toward separation and independence. Parents might be nervous at first but by letting a teenager have this freedom will make him or her a better person in the future.

If parents refuse to let their children express themselves, they are damaging their childrens individuality. If a child is told how to act and dress, with no freedom to express, a child will never learn who he or she really is. This could possibly be the major cause of a mid-life crisis.

During a mid-life crisis, an adult does crazy things that are very different from the normal life an adult would live. These adults are looking for their real life and personality. If their parents had let them find that person inside when they were a teenager, an adult would not have to look for it now. Some adults never find themselves and go back to their old lives because they are too nervous to leave the stable life that they already have. Others who do find who they are can change their entire lives around and possibly hurt many people in the way. Questioning ones life can be disturbing, leading to major job changes or divorce These people could leave their families to start a whole new life. Some adults that go through mid-life crisis can come out of it with a fulfilling new life. Coping with mid-life crisis takes time and energy, but it can help you find greater satisfaction and pleasure in lifeThe most common symptom of a mid-life crisis is the feeling of dissatisfaction. These adults feel like they have nothing to show for their lives. A mid-life crisis could happen at any age in life but the most common age is in the mid-forties. This is the common age because their children are becoming teenagers and the adults are not needed as much. The children do not depend on the adults anymore and the feeling of emptiness sets in. Raising a teenager brings up a lot of unresolved issues from your own adolescence”. Adults see the teenager doing all the things that they wanted to do and did not when they were young.

Some parents put a lot of pressure on their teenagers and themselves. Most parents do not realize that they are putting stress on their teens, because the parents think that they are only helping. I think a little pressure is good so parents can keep the upper hand in the family, but too much pressure can just can danger.

Teenagers should be given the opportunity to express themselves, but there is a point where parents should draw the line. Freedom should be given and taken with caution by parents. Parents need to give enough freedom to let their children find themselves, but a parent cannot be blind when a childs expressions are endangering the child.

Parents need to know when a teenager is going past the lines of finding their identity and is putting him or herself in danger. A teen will go through some personality changes and may change their view on life. However, if these changes show evidence of drug use, then parents must intervene. For instance, if a teen is depressed a lot or alone in their room, drug use may be involved. Parents should talk to their teen first. If this is unsuccessful, harsher action must be taken. A doctor or clinic at anytime can give drug tests. Also remember that drug use may only be a phase. Many teens try drugs and do not continue a long-term use of them. Parents need to realize that this is normal and okay for teenagers to do. A parent should only worry or take action if these drugs are done frequently, causing problems with grades, or the teen is causing harm to him/herself or others. Remember that the worst thing for a parent to do is go crazy without talking to the teen first.

People are stereotyped all over the world, but teens seem to receive a double dose of distinction and censure from the society of which they are a part of regardless of how they present themselves to it. Teens are stereotyped mostly by the way that they dress. A teens parents, grades, friends, and activities are all assumed by others based on their style. High school is the main area where most of the stereotyping is going on because high school has every type of person in it.

In order to be aware of a teenagers actions, a parent needs to develop good communication with his or her child. A good relationship between parents and the teenager can only be a positive influence in developing a young adult. The biggest part of a good communication between parents and teenagers is listening. Let the teen talk about his or her problems to you with out judging or yelling. Try to help in a way that feels like a friend is giving advice. This is the best way for parents to help and know about their teenager. If a parent suddenly has interest in a teens life, after a decade of apathy, the teen would take caution in letting the parent become involved. The teen would think that the parent is snooping to find what the teen is doing wrong. It is hard for a teen to talk to a parent like he or she is a best friend when they have never talked before. In the April 000 issue of Teen People Magazine, there was an article titled Parents vs. Privacy. This article is a true story about a male teen that went through a period of hard times in high school. His parents did not understand the changes in there son. The communication between the family broke and the teen did not want to be at home. The parents thought that if they could see what he was doing all the time there would be more communication. Instead, it made things worse. The teen ended up moving out with a friend to get away from his parents. Months later they worked things out and he moved back home. The point of this article is that none of that had to have happened. If the communication between the family had been there before the problems happened, the family could have worked things out a long time ago. Robert Kafka argued that teens should Talk to [their] parents. Find out whats bugging them and sit down to chat about whats going on . This relationship needs to be established before the teenage years so the teenager will feel more comfortable in telling the parents their teenager problems. Parents should also allow a certain amount of privacy. Parents should never search through rooms, pockets, or anything else that belongs to their adolescents. This privacy will show the teenager that the parents trust them and will allow a sense of freedom.

A good communication bond between parents and teenagers can be beneficial through out the their whole lives. A parent is the best friend a person could ever have. Friends come and go, but a parent will be there through thick and thin. Parents will always love and cherish their children. No matter what happens between family’s members, make sure it always gets better.


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