Thursday, May 31, 2012


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I went to the art museum and I really enjoyed it. I saw the art works as much as I could even though it was my third time; I think it’s something that you can never get bored.

In the art museum there was a statue at the entrance, which was showing the multi color culture of Denver, yellow, white, and black race. The building itself is a 8-sided, sculpture and designed by Gio Ponti of Italy (old roman) in collaboration of Denver. The works were the largest and most comprehensive collection of world art, including original prints, painting, sculpture, and furniture. The painting and sculpture galleries feature, Native American, modern American, Asian, European, Colombian, and Western artists. I started from the seven floor to the first one. 7th floor was art of American west, it was basically showing the endless plains, high vast mountain ranges, cattle drives, soldiers, and the ways they survived. It was also showing figure of mystery and symbols of vanishing cultures, like Indians.6th floor was art of European & American art, which is my favorite. There were works of Renaissance artists, and burger collection British painting. Renaissance artists established such an enduring

tradition of portraits religious and mythological

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narratives which was lasted for five centuries. One of my favorite work of art is “three young girls” by William Larkin, oil on panel. The 5th floor was Asian art. It had different sections of Buddhism, India, Japan, and Middle East. In Chinese and japans section I thought the calligraphy was really interesting. In Indian section they had these three statues of their Gods with the name of Shiva, Brahma, and Vishnu, which was really interesting.

In the Middle East section we had lots of beautiful Persian, and Turkish rugs. We had the old door of the mosque, and Moslem’s Mehrab, which is the position of their leader prayer. There was also an interesting Iranian old astrology book, which was easy for me to read, and I got amazed at the stuff that I read. The 4th floor was Colombian art. There was lots of jewelry, and their paintings were showing the main subject of that time, which was the Sun.

The rd floor was art of Native Americans. The painting was about many different textures, like their horses, tents, animals, and weather. They make lots of beautiful stuff with feathers, which shows the spirit of them, cause no

body told them to make these for money, it’s just their

Soul. They had respect for beauty. The paintings also show the stuff like how many children they had, and different seasons of the year. The nd floor was mostly about furniture. There was these really funny looking chairs, and one of the oldest typing machines which was really interesting comparing to today’s computer keyboards. The 1st floor was sort of new painting, which I didn’t like that much. At last by describing all of these different works of art, we can see our world in a new manner, a manner of details, and to see environment around us with careful looks. It helps us to be more realistic, which allow us to see beyond the usual.

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