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Many people enjoy playing sports, in or outdoors. Soccer, a game, can be played both indoors and outdoors. Most sport’s rules do not change depending on where they are played, but that is not the case in soccer. The rules change for outdoor soccer to indoor. Some of the changes include the number of players, the pace of the game, and the size and condition of the field.

The number of players in soccer differs greatly when played outdoors and indoors. When soccer is played outdoors there are eleven players on each team on the field at once. One goalie, three defenders, three midfielders, and four Strikers or what is known as forwards. In indoor soccer there are only 6 players on a field at once. A goalie, two defenders, and three forwards or strikers.

The pace of the game in the two respective games is much different. In outdoors, the clock stops for many different reasons, for example injuries, ball going out of bounce, or a player has committed a penalty. Well in the indoor game the clock doesn’t stop as much, reason, there is no out of bounce. The clock only stops when a player is injured. Making the indoor game sometimes more exciting than the outdoor game.

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The next reason that indoor soccer and outdoor soccer are different is because, the size and the look of the playing surfaces. An outdoor soccer field always is played on a grass surface, which is about the size of a football field, but much wider about times as wide. In indoor soccer the field is played on fake grass, which is called artificial turf. Unlike grass it is very hard and the ball bounces much better. Indoor soccer fields are

Small. They are in an oval shape and are similar to a hockey rink but not as wide or long.

So you can see that soccer is both fun to play outdoors and indoors, but have different aspects to both games in size, pace, and the number of people involved in the game.

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