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Julius Caesar

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Purpose of the marketing plan To provide an operational marketing plan for control purposes.

Description of the business Roman’s pizza Pty Ltd is a dynamic Australian company which currently has 0% of the national frozen pizza market share and has been in business since 1. The business is a dynamic company and has reached its present position by being innovative.

The needs of the business will satisfy

- Hunger Food is a basic human need

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- Time Because of it’s convenience and its low time to cook..

- Value It’s very affordable, and it’s quality frozen pizza.

Products and services the business will offer to satisfy these needs

Roman’s Pizza Pty Ltd offers

- A diverse range of fresh frozen toppings.

- A wide range of sizes

- Environmentally friendly packaging

Competitive advantage

- Well known, therefore Roman’s Pizza is a trusted brand and a favorite with everyone

- Innovative- therefore Roman’s Pizza is not afraid to expand or use seemingly ‘risky’ ideas.

- Visually appealing packaging, which is also environmentally friendly

SWOT analysis


- Outstanding staff

- Superior knowledge of frozen pizzas

- Competitors have not targeted market

- A new healthy approach to pizzas

- Low prices


- capital investment for new equipment needed

- storage space

- Image is affected by image of other frozen pizza companies

- Frozen food Industry suffers from poor public image


- changing need of customers, who want healthy food

- struggling competitors

- ability to cut price to drive out competitors

- To lead the market into a new frozen food image


- competitors may ‘clone’ product

- large number of other “healthy” frozen foods

Situation Analysis

Roman’s Pizza Pty Ltd is concerned that its current image is ‘out of touch’ with the customer need to have more choices, small servings, large servings, healthy, not healthy etc… The long standing advertising agency The Campaign Palace has been replaced with Marsh and sons. with a view to reposition the Roman’s Pizza image as a company that is in touch with its customers needs and wants. The business is currently in the renewal stage of post maturity.

Business Goals

The primary business goals of any profit enterprise such as Roman’s Pizza Pty Ltd is to

- Increase efficiency

which will result in profit, this can either be achieved through creating more product from the same amount of cash flow, or the same amount of product with less cash flow.

- To diversify the range further, with the introduction of a lite-cheese single size wholemeal pizza.

Mission statement

To provide the best quality and largest variety of frozen pizzas at all times.

The Market

The frozen pizza market is intensely competitive, and Roman’s Pizza faces competition both directly and indirectly. Direct competitors of Roman’s Pizza include frozen pizza manufacturers such as; McCain, generic brands, Papa Giuseppi’s. It’s not only the frozen pizza manufacturers that offer competition its also other frozen food manufacturers this is called Indirect competition. The competitors in this category are Lean cuisine, McCain, Weight watchers, Lite ‘n Easy, and bird’s eye. On an even broader scale fast food outlets such as, McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, and more importantly Pizza Hut, Dominos etc also offer indirect competition. They may be chosen as an alternative as not only is it convenient, but It is also prepared for you.

Target Market


A primary data collection in the form of a ten question on the spot survey was interpreted to the information that the majority of customers are of the consumer market are purchasing on the behalf of a household. The buyer is usually the eldest female in the house with ages ranging from to 6, whilst the actual consumer ranges from all genders and all ages.


At its present stage Roman’s pizza only has 0% of Australia’s frozen pizza market, therefore its potential market is nation wide.

The New Product

Roman’s Pizza is always looking for a new idea to put onto the market to increase its consumer percentage. Through research Roman’s pizza has found that there is a large unsatisfied market for healthier, but convenient food. Therefore Roman’s Pizza has come up with a new type of pizza. The lite-cheese single serve wholemeal pizza will provide the market with this, and will be the first of many more to come.

Marketing Objectives


At present stage Roman’s Pizza provides the market with a large dynamic range of pizzas which appeal to the mass market, specializing the product will lead to a more specified target market as well as keeping the mass market.


Roman’s Pizza currently used cost pricing to price their products, they will continue to do this as this has proved effective. Roman’s Pizza offers an affordable price, for the product they make whilst still gaining profit.


Roman’s Pizza at this present stage uses television advertising, billboard posters, and word of mouth, these forms of promotion have been effective, but Roman’s pizza feel they need to add the ‘wow’ factor. By adding the ‘wow’ factor Roman’s will start to advertise on the radio (this is where the new market is).

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