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The ABC’s of An Education

“A Homemade Education” by Malcolm X reveals a lot about education through a very unconventional method of receiving an education. He proves how valuable assets such as reading, writing, and determination, are in obtaining an education. These three elements are also precious because of the distance it has taken me so far.

Reading is the single fastest method that a single person can receive information. In turn, it is also a vital part of education and learning as a whole. One can not get through formal education without at least reading on a high school level. But there are other ways of obtaining an education other then the formal school system as shown by Malcolm X in “A Homemade Education”, Malcolm X would read the dictionary, which helped him increase his vocabulary, compared to his prior knowledge of only street jargon and slang. When he opened the door to this untapped resource he never looked back to his former way of living.

But Malcolm X did not just stop at reading the dictionary. He would go on to transcribe the words that he read to paper. Writing along with reading is a crucial component of education. For if one can not write what one has learned, it will be extremely difficult to share that information with others. I, as like Malcolm X find it easier to absorb information by putting it down on paper. That way it is easily accessible when needed and it will be a staple in my mind because of the work I had to do to get it on paper.

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Though reading and writing are major components of education they pale in comparison to the importance of determination within education. Without a drive to learn and an openness to new information, a person’s mind cannot fully receive a proper education. Malcolm X knew a lot about determination because of his willingness to leave the streets of Harlem. After years of prostitution and selling drugs he did not want to continue that lifestyle much further. It is sad that being institutionalized would be the cause of the turnaround in his life. He started by writing down the entire dictionary. His determination was on display as he wrote down every word in his first step of leaving the criminal lifestyle he once led. Though, I do not have the determination that a young Malcolm had, I do have a drive to be successful and to be the best student I can be.

In conclusion, there are many pieces that make up the puzzle education. Reading, writing and determination are easily the most crucial pieces and without those Malcolm X could not have become the success he became and I could not become what I am today. And if I do not keep these components intact within myself, the road ahead may be bumpier then was expected.

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