Saturday, May 5, 2012

Meaning of music

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Meaning of Music

What is your favorite song? What type of music speaks to you? Music

has been used to mean various things from a pleasing sound to a

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printed document showing how a piece is to be performed. I think

defining music is as difficult as defining art. Because just as art has many

meanings. So does music. Everyone has their on interpretation about music.

What is the definition?, music is a versitile form of communication.

Music is all around us. We hear it on the radio, television, and in

stores.We go to concerts, operas, and other musical events. And we even

make music ourselves, when we whistle. Their is a broad category of music to

choose from.

Today There are many different kinds of music to choose from. The most

popular music today is rock, pop, R and B, hip-hop, and country. Music conveys

some artistic significance that has meaning for the listener. When you listen to

music, you can anticipate what comes next with the same pleasure you find in

rereading a favorite story or poem. Listening to music also helps you

understand the way artists use music to communicate with you.

Because I listen to many types of music. I made up my own category of

music called serious music. My definition of serious music is music with artistic

communication. Music that has meaning or value. Music that communicates something you find satisfaction in receiving.

For example, everyday or almost everyday I listen to my favorite song

Inside us All. Its a very spiritual song about inner peace and keeping your

head up. I always listen to this song when Im thinking, worried about

something, or writing a essay.

We judge music by the importance of what it has to say. If a specific work

of music communicates nothing to us, then it means nothing to us. In high

school I remember writing a poem about music. I cant remember

everything I said but I do remember saying music is freedom. Music is not just

about arranging sounds and rhythms. Its a self-expression of how someone who

writes the song feels. Its a way of communicating with the world.

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