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To be successful at anything in life, one must be passionate about their subject. This form of spiritual motivation is evident in the works “Composting,” by Natalie Goldberg and “Nonfiction in First Person, without Apology,” by Natalia Singer. Each writer enthusiastically displays their love for writing through their unique yet effective styles. Goldberg uses the theme of “composting” throughout her essay, a metaphorical connection used to describe one’s compilation of thoughts that are analyzed and then interpreted to produce a valuable piece of literature. Singer tells many personal stories throughout her essay, using the first person to draw in the reader. This produces a very spiritual aspect, allowing the reader to feel a sense of apathy toward the author and understand her story at the same level. Although both authors discuss different topics and each presents a different style of writing, both incorporate the use of metaphors to enhance their essays.

As described in “Figures of Thought,” metaphors lead to general principles of understanding based on seeing one experience in terms of another. The usage adds an element to their works that help to convey to the reader the intended notion on a higher level than can be achieved through similes or other descriptive styles.

Goldberg harps continually about the theme and metaphor of composting. She describes it as

“Our bodies are garbage heaps. We collect experience, and from the decomposition of the thrown out egg-shells, spinach leaves, coffee grinds, and old steak bones of our minds come nitrogen, heat and very fertile soil. Out of this soil bloom our poems and stories. (65)”

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This passage is enhanced by metaphors excessively, in an attempt to allow the reader to understand the point being made. This idea of composting is useful to the reader on many levels. First, it gives the audience a visual of a physical, natural action that would otherwise seem totally unrelated to the writing process. However, once it is attributed to the metaphors, suddenly the statement makes sense, and a thorough understanding of the ideas are achieved. Goldberg goes on to use other metaphors to develop her essay. “…I have students…and the writing is not all necessarily good but I see they are exploring their minds for material, I am glad. I know these people will continue and are not just obsessed with “hot” writing, but are in the process of practice.(65)”. This reference to “hot” writing possesses no exact definition but allows the reader to use the metaphor in whatever way he/she would like to understand the style of writing that is not preferred by this teacher. This method of incorporating metaphors encourages the reader to think as he/she reads and become engrossed in the essay. Goldberg’s use of metaphorical language and reference to composting take vastly different subjects and combine them to successfully enhance the text.

Singer uses metaphorical language in a different way from Goldberg, but it is equally effective. She uses metaphors in a literal sense as well, yet the metaphor and the intended subjects are less abstract when by themselves. For example, “In my neighborhood…to be a writer meant to be a dead English novelist. (10)” Without supporting words, “writer” connecting with “dead English novelist” immediately conveys a bad connotation toward the subject and the two can be easily tied together without much explanation. Singer goes on to explain how she felt once when she had to write an expos� on a friend with Lupus and gave away the woman’s private life. From this she states, “It was as though, as Native Americans once said about their photographers, that I had stolen her soul.” Again, these metaphors used are less vague than those found in Goldberg’s piece, but equally effective when related to the topic.

Goldberg and Singer both convey spirituality different through metaphorical language; however, each essay is enhanced by its usage.

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