Tuesday, May 8, 2012


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Now I ain’t worried about a thang cause I just hit me a lick

I got a fat sack and a superfly chick

That aint makin you a ?? playa

Cause doowop, she fly like the planes in the air

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That’s right she’s full grown settin the wrong tone

Im diggin the energy and im lovin the o-zone

So fly like a dove so fly like a raven

Quick to politic with some fly conversation

In a natural mood then im a natural dude

And we some natural fools blowin out by the pool

She like my sexy-coo mama with blades on her berata

Rockin Dolce’ Gubbana(sp?) with high-drows and a igwana

Amy ...... your hott

Lauren K - ur sexy. . . . . . . . in that dress lol jp ur always hott

Ashley T Is the nicest person ever

Jessica P im glad ur not going to Mcgaylie

Cammie M - ur frigin hott

for all you loosers out there ohio state did looooooooossssssseeee to Wisconsin juss like mi sub pro said they would

Dude Patrick When u get back were going to hang out alot more than we did b4

if u think Thailyr Scrivner is sexy then show it by copy n pasting this sentence into ur profile

Lauren Kreinest is the sexiest person alive i love her soooooooooooooo much i would do ne thing 4 her

((TJ)) i love u so much! xoxo

((Nick)) ur mi best friend! ur fricken awesome and ur always there for me! lyl

((Jimmy)) im so srry im glad ull still be mi best friend but thank god ur not Chinese! lol lyl

((John)) what did i do? o well i luv ya!

((Maxi)) and ((Tyler)) i luv yaz!

((Stine Jenn Amy)) im entering ur mouth rubber ducky?! lol

((Michelle)) n ((Tay)) ive got a lovely bunch of coconuts! who took our bikes?! lym

((Scriv)) ur mi PSYCHO FRIEND! lol

((Em n Liz)) Go Franky! haha

if u luv Jesus Christ and Mikey Heck copy n paste this into ur profileIf you miss Mikey copy and paste this sentence into your profile

I cry everynite wishing u were mine, but when i talk to you, you make everything fine, You broke my heart and thats a true crime, All I wanted was for you to make time!!..((um so true))

You hurt me so bad, You even made me cry,

All I ever wanted was for you to love me,

For you to give me a try ...

u told me u loved me but u lied

u told me ud be there and then i cried

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