Monday, May 14, 2012

Unit 1 Cover letter (IMP 2)

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The Distributive Property is the mathematical principal which states the equation a(b+c)=ab+ac. This will work for all numbers. If a=1, b=, and c= then 1(+)=1+1.

Factoring is the process of writing a number or an algebraic expression as a product. An example would be 4x^+1x would look like 4x(x+).

When it says solve an equation it can mean a various of things. It could be something simple like 4= which would be 1 or it could ask for something like Solve for X when X+7=1. In this case X would be 5.

Mystery bags are quite awesome. You see when using the mystery bags and balance method to solve problems it puts a picture in your mind. For instance, If a problem looks like this…4X+=X+, pretend that the equal sign is the middle of a weight balance, the plain old numbers equal ounces, and the #X equals how many mystery bags are on each side. Now take away ounces from both sides. The balance is still balanced. Now remove mystery bags from each side. It should now look like this…X=6.

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Divide 6 by and that’s will give you the answer which would be .

In an equation y=ax+b, if you were to change the a or the b the following would happen to the graph of the line. The bigger the A number the steeper the graph will be. The bigger the B number the higher up the graph will be.

An equation of a horizontal line would be y=N. Any number will work. An example of X=Y I believe. This I do not know for sure. I couldn’t find a possible answer on my calculator but I do know one exists.


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