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Working teenagers

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Working Teenagers

In some countries, teenagers have jobs while they are still students. There are

several reasons why a child decides to work at such a young age or why sometimes is

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forced to do so, but they are not strong enough to overcome the fact that after all a

teenager is still a child and should do things appropriate to its age. Although one of

the reasons a teenager works is in order to help financially his family, he should avoid

having a job while he’s still a student because at this young age he should have other

things as priorities, such as having fun, studying for school, and getting the best

educational bases for his future career in the working field.

Some people would argue that there are many advantages for the teenager that

works while he is still a student. The most important arguments that those people

state is that a working teenager learns many things about life through his job and gets

the practical experience to enter the real world in a more dynamic way when he

finishes school. He also learns to be financially indipendent and, to understand the

value of money. That, is also of great comfort and help for families of low economic

status that need to have all of its members working in order to support themselves.

There is no doubt that those arguments are true but they can’t be compared to the

things a teenager loses when he has to work and go to school at the same time.

One of the main reasons that a student shouldn’t work is the fact that he will not

have time for himself. At that age he is still a child that needs to have fun, go out

with friends and enjoy himself as much as he can, instead of having the

responsibilities that a job provides. A student’s time is important to be dedicated to

himself and a job while being at school will not leave much time to the teenager for

personal pleasure and activities.

Another reason why a student should not work has to do with his productivity. I

f he works half a day he has no time to study for school and as a result he doesn’t do

well. He gets very tired because his day is full and therefore he is not able or willing

to perform well neither at his job nor at school.

Finally, one of the chief arguments against the fact that teenagers work while they

are still studying has to do with the importance of education. Before entering the

working field a person must create the best educational bases he can, starting from

finishing high-school. A student should devote himself in getting as much knowledge

he can in order to make future achievements and in order to be able to survive from

the competition in the working field later on. As a child that he still is, he should

bother getting as stronger theoretical knowledge and experience before he gets into


Personally, I hope that all teenagers have the opportunity to have the best

education they can before they get a job, although sometimes their needs force them

to find one at that young age that they are still at school. I believe that every thing

must be done in a certain time in order to have the best results and that teenagers are

still children and should have other priorities and other things in their minds instead

of a job

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