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My Writing profile

@@@@@@I have been writing since I was a little girl in Japanese mostly. I just started writing in English@about two years ago. Now, writing is an important part of my life because writing can express my feelings.. I analyzed myself as a writer and discovered what I do when I write.

Since I am a college student, I often write papers which are related academic subjects and media commentaries. In fact, I donft like to write these kinds of papers because they require very formal style. I have to be careful all the time while Ifm writing the papers. I like to write more freely. I write@stories least often because it takes a long time to finish. Since I em a kind of critical reader, if I wrote a story, I would rewrite many times to satisfy myself. When I list all the kinds of writing I do, I write about my feelings, experiences, happiness, the world, favorite songs, books, movies, friends and other people, and weird things I try to understand. Above all, I enjoy writing about my personal experiences and places I have been and people I have met. When writing for class, I would rather have find the subject by myself. When I find one myself, itfs much easier to write because I know a lot of information about the subject. I feel about my English writing still childish and awkward, but I love it. I keep all the papers I wrote.

I have a experience which has affected my learning how to write. In Japan, I had learned writing intensively by native English speaker for one year. The teachers told various things about writing in detail. I was told how to prepare a piece of writing(such as brain storming, clustering and free writing), how to organize an essay, tips for introduction, body and conclusion, how to write various kinds of essays, and English writing features. For example, a teacher told me g In English, we donft like to repeat same words again.h I do what I was told, so Ifm getting a better English writer. I think the hardest part of writing is organization. To let understand the content to readers easily, I am sometimes stuck writing to think the organization. In contrast, the easiest part is a conclusion. In conclusion paragraph, I just restate a thesis or wrap up the essay. I donft have to say new ideas.

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I start a piece of writing with a quotation, story, question, or my opinion to catch readerfs attention. While I am writing, I often question to my self, and I find out what I want to say. Also, I prefer to be in lower level in the Main library. I like especially individual study area because no talking allowed there, so I can concentrate to study as itfs very quiet. Since I am a night person, I write best at night. When I write, I usually use a pretty notebook and dark blue ball point pen. I want to reread sometime, so I donft like to write on a separate piece of paper.

I write more than one draft@because I usually write a first draft roughly to form an essay fast. I know there are a lot of mistakes and poor information, but I want to form an essay as soon as possible. I usually write draft two times because if I do more than two times, I feel it seems that writing an essay is endless. I think the concept of revising is to take a fresh look at my draft and to make sure all the information in my essay.

I am willing to read my writing to other people because I like to know readerfs reactions. I want to know the reactions as many as possible. Usually, my classmates, room mates, friends and teachers read it. Itfs very interesting that each personfs response is different. Also, I like to reread my writing sometimes. I can feel my growth of my writing skills, and also the opinion at that time might be different from now. It is interesting to read.

After I wrote a conclusion, I know a piece of writing is finished. I donft usually worry about not being able to finish a piece of writing because I make an outline first, so I can predict how long it takes to finish. I think the characteristics of good writing are include interesting contents, good organization, and no mistakes. I think my writing is near to good writing. I try to include these characteristics in my essay.

Now, I found myself as a writer. Analyzing about my writing is very helpful to me to improve my writing skill. If ll continue to express my feeling by writing, and I want to look back on my writing sometimes like this essay. I want to improve again.

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