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Business Communication.

Basic communication.

Communicating is something each of us starts practicing and learning since our first cry at birth. We communicate (or attempt to communicate) mostly to satisfy any of our many needs. Communications can be broken up into three categories. Upward - with those in a superior position, downward - with those subordinate and lateral - with our peers. We use one-way communication to share our thoughts and/ or feelings on a topic or to give direction, and two ways to not only share our own thoughts, but to learn the thoughts of our audience as well. We can communicate with individuals and well as with groups of various sizes.

Effective communication guidelines

1. Be clear and accurate.

. Tell your audience you will follow up on anything you may not be able to make clear at that time, then be sure to do just that.

. Tell them what they need to know, make sure they understand it and let them go about their business.

4. Encourage feedback to assist you in knowing your message is properly received and understood.

5. Follow-up to ensure the impact of your message continues to be what you had intended.

6. Put rumours to rest immediately.

Key questions to consider why, what, who, how, where and when.


It is important to think about why you want to communicate something before you do. This will help establish and pass on the true extent of importance, urgency or any other aspects of the matter being communicated.


This question helps determine the essential details of the subject that is being communicated, as well as the level of feedback needed.


Identifying your audience.


Many means of communication can be considered one on one meetings, group meetings, mail, e-mail, voicemail, notes, memo¡¦s, presentations, employee newsletters, pamphlets, brochures, flyers, bulletin boards, web sites, video tape, press release, radio, television and print media.


Appropriate locations for different kinds of audiences and communication subjects.


Timing is everything. More often, however, the quicker you communicate on any matter, the better.

Communicating effectively



Dec 1

Authors Duane Bazzett

Effective management within a company.

Understanding the importance of everything from voice, posture, poise, and tactfulness when dealing with employees, vendors, and clients or customers is key to a managers success.

On average a manager spends 80% of his time communicating in one form or another. That 80% is broken up into 10% writing, 15% reading, 5% listening, and 0% speaking.

The key components of effective communications are

„h Credibility

This is derived from trust, demonstrated knowledge, previous results and long standing competence.

„h Context

Context must match environment and events within the subject of communication.

„h Content

Importance, significance and urgency must be stressed. Information should be precise, easy to understand and useful

„h Continuity

Repetition results in understanding, retention, learning and acceptance.

„h Consistency

Slight variation of information is possible and in some cases necessary, but the facts and story have to be consistent with each communication. If they change, credibility is lost.

„h Channels

Different means of communication should be considered for different audiences and subjects.

„h Capability of the Audience

Word choice, sentence structure and organization of the information must all be measured against the capability

of the intended audience.

„h Clarity

Information should be conveyed in simple terms. Words must mean nearly the same thing to all involved.

The elements of effective communication

Agency Sales


Dec 000

Authors Anonymous

Importance of communication within a company.

The importance of communication within a company cannot be stressed enough. Effective communication produces efficiency, improves customer service, promotes employee retention and satisfaction.


In 185, Iams Pet Food Company¡¦s Human Relations Department performed its first employee attitude survey.

One statement on the survey had a very low score We do not get enough information

about how well our work group and company are doing. Employees felt left out of the picture as the company was growing. Because the company¡¦s main philosophy was built around Culture, Customers, Products and People, top management felt it was critical to improve the overall communication process in the company. The process they chose was to hold information-sharing Quarterly Meetings as if the employees at Iams were stockholders.


The company goals and direction are clear. Definition how and why certain products are made, methods used and other relevant information is knowledge to all. The importance of specific jobs, quality and productivity standards in the overall production are established. Workers understand the purpose, meaning and importance of their own jobs, as well as the company¡¦s goals and strategies. Leadership is strengthened and is always evolving to demonstrate more courage, passion, integrity and empathy.

Keys to effective management.

„h Effective two-way communication is key to efficiency, profitability, understanding within a company.

„h Teamwork is essential. A company atmosphere should be that as of a community. Employees should all strive towards the same main goals that are set within the strategies and philosophy of the company. There must be a solid connection between the administrative; production and sales support teams to induce efficiency, productivity and quality.

„h Feedback and commentary is extremely important. It can be in the form of critique, reviews or plain appreciation. Employees need to be supplied with information, updates about their jobs, standards of products, technological innovations. Positive reinforcement is key to productivity. Workers need to feel that their efforts are valuable, efficient and greatly appreciated.

Strategic communication enhances organizational performance

HR. Human Resource Planning

New York


Authors John Meyer

The use of technology in business communications.

Most companies use the same communication infrastructure telephones, e-mail, faxes, bulletin boards, interoffice mail and meetings. In most cases such communications can be very costly and inefficient, considering the time and people involved. Many documents that have to be distributed throughout the company are costly to create, distribute and store.

An electronic information portal can provide access to all of the needed information through the company LAN or WAN via a Web browser within seconds to anyone who has access. No printing, copying or handing out is needed. The portal becomes a central repository for all the documents. If such a portal is well designed and information-secure, it can save employee’s time and trouble and their employers a lot of money.

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