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Cat's Eye

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Gordimer employs a paradoxical mingling of continuity and change in order to introduce the Smales unsettling immersion into a foreign class structure. The fact that July began that day for them as his kind has always done for their kind suggests a static continuity or repetition that belies the radical setting change between affluent governors residences, commercial hotel rooms, shift bosses company bungalows and the aperture in thick mud walls that now serves as the Smales front door. The setting change--an abrupt transition between the knock on the door and the non-sequitor that follows (no door)--not only foregrounds the correspondence between place and the formation of identity, but also introduces the inversion of power that characterizes the Smales new dependence upon July. In other words, whereas the master bedrooms of Johannesburg provide a setting in which the Smales exercise authority over July, their displacement to his village suddenly invests July with a degree of power over them (a dialectical Hegelian inversion, about which more below). And yet Julys broken English in the first line (You like to have some cup of tea?) underscores the language barriers that somewhat limit his recourse to power.Several objects are invested with symbolic power in Nadine Gordimers Julys People. Gordimer presents Bams gun and the yellow bakkie (and its keys) as objects that represent power in the text. At the beginning of the text the Smales family owns these objects, and as the narrative progresses their grasp on these objects of power becomes more tenuous, and July and other blacks assume ownership of the objects. The transfer of ownership, like the parallel transfer that occurs in Johannesburg, is uncomfortable for the whites involved. July, as well, experiences some discomfort as he takes power, in the form of the keys. The characters in the novel are continually forced to negotiate new ways of relating to one another, and Gordimer makes use of the awkward communication between the whites and blacks that result from a new power structure and the language barrier between them to illustrate the discomfort of that negotiation. Pages 57 - 6 deal with the issue of the bakkie keys in particular

The speech that Nelson Mandela made on February 11, 10 when he was released from prison.

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