Sunday, July 22, 2012

Defining Courage

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The word courage is nor easily defined. To some people, courage is seen in everyday acts of bravery. To others, however, courage is a much more complex and profound characteristic.

Having courage means to confront one’s fears, and to stand up for one’s beliefs, no matter what the circumstance. It is not necessary to be a super-hero in order to be courageous. The simple things that may seem rather easy to do for most people can be quite difficult for others. Getting over one’s fear or nervousness takes a great amount of courage, and should be seen as equally important as physical acts of courage or heroism.

Courage is being honest, in all things, to all people, and most importantly to oneself. Courage requires a person to do what they believe is right at all times, even in the midst of its consequences. Acts of courage go unnoticed everyday. The television and radio tell of lives being saved from natural disasters and atrocious people, but fail to mention how much willpower and courage it takes to not be influenced by peer pressures or stresses in life. Courage is a very strong trait to posses, and is a very good indicator of an honest person.

Courage could be defined as unwavering loyalty and dedication to duty, especially in the line of fire. Courage is also accepted as being true to oneself, whether one makes consistent choices or not. Consistent and inconsistent are labels that others will assign to a person, depending on whether they like what they are doing or not. But is it better to be make consistent decisions and be miserable in order to satisfy others? That is a choice each person has to make, as an individual. Some people give and give until they wear themselves out. They are too busy trying to satisfy the needs and demands of others, that they end up losing themselves in the process.

Courage is being loyal to oneself, despite the presence of danger. Courage is having the gull to act upon what one believes in, and not the opinion of a government, religion, family member, or opinion leader.

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