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Imagine how person’s life will be if he just have to think about what he/she has to eat? Eating disorder is continuing to increase in today’s society. People think that this problem occurs because of food but this conception of people is wrong it is due to low-self esteem. Eating disorder is “when a person eats, or refuses to eat, in order to satisfy a psychic need and not a physical need. The person doesnt listen to bodily signals or perhaps is not even aware of them. A normal person eats when hungry and stops eating when the body doesnt need more, when he feels the signal of satisfaction.”(Palme,G). People want to remain fit so that they can be socially accepted in society and does not have to face shame if they are not like other people. This thought of people puts them into a great danger. They forget about the nutrition’s they need to have in food. They just want to create their images in front of others. Media is the great influence of such act in society.

It is believed that minimum of 50000 of people will die from the problem of eating disorder.(learn various…)

There are four main types of eating disorder and having any of these disorder is not a positive signal it causes lot of health issues and one faces many consequences. The four main types are

• Anorexia can occur in any age and for any sex. The main reason behind anorexia is weight loss. There are many ways in which people try to reduce their weight and instead of reducing their weight they fall into a very terrible disease called anorexia.(Hickin,L)

• Bulimia people suffering with this do not feel safe about their own self-importance. Bulimia is characterized by binge eating. Over here there is a lost of control in consuming the food.


• Binge over here people consumes a lot of food in a very short time. They feel out of control following by guilt feelings.(Hickin,L)

• Compulsive eating can be understood by its name as it shows that people loose their control on food and have excess amount of it and resulting to gaining lots of weight.


Any disease is caused due to some reason. People have eating disorder problem due to many causes some people face because they have family problems, or personal factor other reason could be social, they want to have figures which are acceptable in society and the major cause of having disorder is media which have an great impact on individual.

Media is one of the major causes of eating disorder; it is difficult for people to escape form the web of advertisement which advertiser built amongst people by providing information, advertisement and communication. Media is setting wrong body images in mind of people. They portray thin and beautiful body images as an ideal body for woman and man’s body image is considered to be perfect with athletic and muscular body. This shows how much an individual is influenced by media. They show on television program such as “Bay watch” very skinny and beautiful women in order to make people realize this is how they should look. Super models in all the popular magazines have continued to get thinner and thinner. Modeling agencies have been reported to actively pursue Anorexic models. The average woman model weighs up to 5% less than the typical woman and maintains a weight at about 15 to 0 percent below what is considered healthy for her age and height.(Karyn, Leah, Gina, Evelyn, & Melissa). Media makes people think that if they have certain weigh, wear certain clothes than only they will be accepted in society. Barbie dolls have also contributed a lot towards this there body images makes teens think of having same image. Teenager girls think that if they look attractive than they will have good looking boyfriends like Ken.(Karyn, Leah, Gina, Evelyn, & Melissa). Many Studies have shown that while 5 years ago the average model weighed 8% less than the average American woman, todays model weighs % below the national average.(Karyn, Leah, Gina, Evelyn, & Melissa) statistics above prove that what type of models are being used by media this encourages women to be like them even they weigh absolutely correct according to medical terms. This misconception of women by media leads to sever problems like eating disorder. Famous personalities who are or who had been suffering from eating disorders include Tracy Gold, Christina Ricci, Princess Diana, Magali Amadei. It has taken these personalities’ years to confess about their eating problems, yet people tend to be inspired and influenced by such celebrities.

Eating disorder is not a joke, once trapped in this disease then the person realizes the mistake that he/she have done. “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fattest one of all”? (if you can…)This sentence has got different meaning for a normal person and a different meaning for an individual who has just got recovered from this awful disease of eating disorder. A normal individual sees the mirror and start comparing them with their favorite T.V stars. They feel terrible and start taking strict actions, which leads to eating disorder. Whereas, an individual who has been recovered from eating disorder he would say “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of all” and it will be you.(if u can…)

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