Saturday, July 14, 2012

How American’s View Arab’s

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A stereotype is the creation of a unfair opinion or view; an individual will take the behavior of one person and state that all people belonging to that particular group behave in the same manner. Stereotyping encourages people to react and behave in a manner that is both judgmental and prejudiced. The perception of Arabs has created a system in which prejudices and stereotypes worked their way so thoroughly into literature, education, history, language and social structure that they seem to govern the conflict as much as they are created by it. While newspapers and television news play a major role in the way we perceive individuals, movies, books and sitcoms, that shape our stereotypes. As a favorite pastime, the average American watches anywhere from three to five hours of television per day. Television has the ability to enlighten and enrich the lives of all the people it touches, however, it also has the ability to bring about and create stereotypes.

Television programs and the mass media do not examine the fact that the Islamic religion preaches equality and peace. The distortion of Islam and misconceptions lead television viewers to believe that it’s a mysterious religion prone to acts of terrorism, violence, and extremism. The negative stereotypes about Arabs which are presented by the media spill over into the textbooks used in American schools and are taught in the education system. Novels, on the other hand, have often romanticized Arabs as dressed in flowing robes, living against desert hardships, surrounded by submissive females. Others have offered a portrait of Arabs as shifty, evil and corrupt.

In the face of a post-September 11 wave of racially motivated attacks against people from the Middle East where occurring throughout the United States of America; shortly thereafter a resolution was passed by Congress condemning bigotry and violence against Arab-Americans. During the last 1 months by the Justice Department have targeted almost exclusively people from the Middle East and South Asia, and led to the incarceration, deportation and interrogation of numerous individuals who had nothing to do with September 11. Since September 11, many Arab and Muslim immigrants have faced dire prospects of detention, secret trial, deportation, and what is now beginning to look more and more like a new exclusion act aimed at threatening the immigration of people from the Middle East.

Although Arabs and other people from the Middle East are classified racially as white according to the US Census and most affirmative action forms, since the 160s, the US government has unofficially constituted them as a distinct racial group by associating Arabs with terrorism and threats to national security. Right now, in the Middle East there are a lot of deep injustices that ordinary Americans are not aware of. Most people dont realize that the air to ground rockets crashing into the bedrooms of Palestinian children, and the tank shells blowing off their heads are too often made and paid for by the United States. I dont think most Americans know that or want that. The association of Arabs with terrorism is nothing new in the US. It was during the 170s and through the 180s that Arabs came to be regularly portrayed as terrorists. Since 148 the major American media, news, TV, movies, radio, have all characterized people wrongly.

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It is time that the American media lived up to its responsibility to treat racial and ethnic groups fairly in the media; the unfair images of Arab Americans, Muslim Americans, African Americans, Mexican Americans, Amerindians, etc. has always been twisted and inaccurate; it is time these incorrect stereotypes were corrected. Hurtful and harmful stereotypes can destroy a person inner spirit. Continuously repeated, they denigrate peoples, narrow our vision, and blur reality, The media is a large factor in the formation of stereotypes and ideologies. Therefore, it is their responsibility to allow their audience to form opinions that are free from the influence of bias and negative stereotypes.

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