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management functions

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Management Functions

October 1, 00

Management Functions

The management functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling play a very important role in my business. They are apart of the organization as a whole, they participate in the supervisory functions of my employees, and they also are a very increment part of my role of owner/operator of the organization. These functions help my small tax service grow with the clients for success; in addition they help prepare the organization for decreased activities for the year. In this paper I will describe each of these functions within the organization, the supervisory, and my position within the organization.

The four functions of management within the organization as a whole, and in my role as owner/operator/supervisor, play a very important part of my organization. The planning function helps my organization plan for success and failure. Planning the actual functions of the business is crucial for my company. There are many tax service centers in my area and the goal of my company is to offer the clients not only the service of preparing their taxes but to help them understand their taxes. In addition, I have noticed that there are significant amounts of people that don’t really have a grasp on the importance of understanding their taxes. My companies niche in this business it to actually talk to the clients, many of them have complained that they go to file their taxes and it takes ten minutes to do them. Initially, the company had to be prepared for success or failure. I had to make sure that the goals of the company were not compromised during the initial start up.

Planning and organizing are very close together in my company. For example, we have to plan for busy days and slow days. This function then refers to organizing how to handle both. As we are a small organization, when we had over 100 people here in one day, I had to plan to take care of all of their needs with my team of employees. We came up with a plan to service all of them in a timely fashion. We all had a meeting to plan for this before hand, just in case, during the meeting we decided to handle them as if it was rush hour at McDonalds. Sounds silly but it worked. We had someone greeting them, someone reviewing their information and documenting it, then we had another person asking questions and documenting it, then we had someone imputing the information, and someone else was catching the papers from the printer and organizing them, then we had another person reviewing the information with the client and they all signed the papers. Planning and organizing this was essential, it has made my team perform in the most efficient manor without compromising the goals of the company.

In my company everyone is a leader. They are all trained to handle the office without anyone here. This is very important considering the amount of clientele we received this year. Every morning we have a meeting during the busy time of the year, and when it subsides the meetings are once a month. In my company everyone has input on the best ways to handle the day. We would consider the clients needs as well as our own. This flexibility in my employees empowered them to be creative, and critical thinkers. The morale was very high this year; I think it is because everyone was considered a team member.

Controlling, is my function, I measure performance of the employees by many factors. Basically it is by the customer’s opinion, productivity, not by a quota but the quality of their work. I also measure them on their knowledge, if the client asks a question I need them to be able to answer the question in a way that is understandable to the client. This measurement also contains that if they are unable to answer the question, how they inform the clients that they dont know the answer. I think this is the best way to measure their performance since my business is basically a service-based business.

Some employees do become frazzled if they are monitored continuously. I have to encourage morale everyday with my team of employees. They get discouraged allot because I monitor all the papers before it is transmitted or sent to the IRS just to be safe. I have to reassure them that it is not just their quality being monitored but the monitoring of the programs that we use is also a priority. These performance reviews are a motivation key point; I would also give out bonuses to them, on how well the performance was. Communication is a priority in my company not only with the team but also with the clientele. Since the team structure is different then if you were to go to another tax service. I have mine set up like an assembly line. Everyone works on the tax return. Each day everyones roles change. It sounds silly but it works.

In conclusion, the functions of planning, organizing, leading, and controlling all work together within the organization. These functions are utilized everyday from team members to my position of supervisor/owner/operator. I hold the success of my small tax service to the utilization of these functions routinely during the daily functions of my business.

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