Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Crappy Life Chapter OneThe Working Hours

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I recently was involved in a situation at work that has caused some problems for me both personally and professionally. My hope is by sharing this situation with others I might be able to come away with new insights that might help avoid future problems. I work at Priority Express Couriers which, as you might expect, is a courier company. In addition to delivering individual packages on a same day, on demand format, we also provide structured pre-scheduled route services for clients that have more consistent, specific logistical needs and it is from that realm of the businesses that this case study was born.

One of the regularly scheduled routes that we provide is for Ikon Office Solutions. Their regional distribution center is located in Oaks Pa. roughly 40 miles northwest of Philadelphia. Ikon sales & service personnel from the Mid Atlantic coast region, who require supplies, order the them from the Oaks distribution center during the day. After processing and preparing them for shipment our company retrieves them for delivery throughout the night. Because neither the Ikon distribution center or the delivery locations are staffed 4 hours a day, a system has been created that allows our couriers security access to the various places they need to go. The route, as it is structured now, runs without any direct communication between Ikon personnel and priority Express staff.

One specific night an Ikon manager called in the afternoon and left a message to “let us know” that there would be “a lot” of product for the route later that night. The instructions were that “if it all does not fit in the van pack what you can and leave the rest for tomorrow”. The courier, upon arrival, found enough products to fill nearly two vans. He did is we were instructed from the message and began his route leaving four of ten stops behind for the next day. As a courtesy we thought that we should call the sales reps that were not going to be receiving their deliveries so that they would have an idea what had happened. Our database had work phone numbers for both reps however one phone number just rang and rang until it went dead with no voicemail options or recorded message to direct us. The other number immediately picked up and directed us to input our service code number. We had never heard of this “service code number” and had no idea what it might be. We then called the distribution center number and were able to leave a message with our “contact” concerning what we had done. We also attached a copy of the notes regarding our problems to the paperwork we submit to our supervisors.

The next night we arrived to find the same message and the same solution was applied. The third night we arrived for work and there was no message from Ikon however our courier was once again not able to fit everything into the van. Even though we didn’t get a call we continued with the process that we had used the prior two days. At 00am the next morning the Ikon distribution center manager called furious that we had deviated from the protocol by taking action without direct communication with the distribution centers or the reps and that we were likely to lose their business as a result. We immediately reviewed our procedures book for Ikon and found that the only other contact information we had was the reps cell phone numbers which had printed underneath then in red bold letters COURIERS DO NOT CALL REPS CELL PHONES.

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Our supervisors wanted to know why we had not followed proper “procedures” and why we had not alerted them about the problems we had been encountering?

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