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Unlike most retail purchases buying a vehicle entails a myriad of caveats. If paying for

unnecessary fees and inflated prices is not an issue then car shopping should be fun and easy for

everyone. The real issue is not whether the vehicle is affordable or within our means but

whether or not the dealer is making a fair offer. Everyone recognizes that the dealer is in

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business to make a profit. The problems arise when dealers set out to make obscene profits

unscrupulously. Horror stories have been well documented on how some dealers have resorted

to trickery and scams to pick the pockets clean of their consumers. Among some of the

deceptive sales practices that have been used include lowballing, grounding, flipping and

turning, and bait and switch. Lowballing is a technique used to lure customers back to the

dealership. A potential customer who wants to go elsewhere to shop around is given a

ridiculously low price that cannot be beat anywhere and this draws the customer back to the

dealer who can then manipulate the customer again to his advantage. Grounding is a technique

used in an attempt to keep the customer from leaving the dealership. It may entail siphoning the

customer’s gas tank, losing the car keys or misplacing the customer’s driving license

intentionally. Flipping and turning is another method used in an attempt to confuse and break

down the customer’s resistance to buy by using several sales people including managers to

confront the customers. Bait and switch is an old trick that still works. It usually involves the

use of an advertisement in which an attractive deal seems too good to be true and it usually is.

Investigations of fraud in the automobile business are constantly ongoing. One need only to

contact his State’s Attorney’s office or Better Business Bureau to obtain the latest information.

Television stations also get into the act by conducting undercover sting operations that reveal

deceptive practices and fraud.

In addition to deceptive sale practices, some dealers have reverted to using scams that have been

unethically designed to inflate prices and to sell unwanted items or services. In many cases an

outright lie is the scam itself. One of the most prevalent scams still in use is that of window

etching. In this scam the customer is told that the bank requires it in order to be financed. The

vehicle identification number is etched onto the windshield for added security. There is an

additional $00 to $00 fee for this service. Customers are also told that they can save hundreds

of dollars on their car insurance but the insurance companies do not offer such a discount. A do-

it-yourself kit is available online for $1.5. Another scam that is prevalent with car dealers

involves financing. After the financing is approve and after the vehicle is driven off of the lot a

customer may get a call informing him that he did not qualify for the low interest rate that was

signed for at the dealership. A clause in the contract that states “subject to loan approval” is

enforced and the customer may have to produce an additional $1,000.00 and the monthly car

payments are also increased. In some cases in an effort to avoid offering the 0% interest that was

advertised, a customer may be lied to and told that his credit score was too low to qualify when,

in fact, the customer’s credit score was above average. On of the most egregious scams involves

the sale of vehicles that have been in wrecks but customers are told that the vehicles are in great

condition. If a vehicle has a Buyers Guide sticker on it with the words “As Is, No Warranty” it

means that the vehicle is sold as is and the buyer assumes all risks no matter what the dealer may

say about the condition of the car. Certified used cars may also have been in wrecks. For this

reason it is essential to obtain a car report on any used car before purchase and in addition it

should be checked by a mechanic.

There are many lessons to be learned. It is not to be assumed that all car dealers are dishonest.

The better informed a consumer is, the less likely he is to be taken advantage of when purchasing

an automobile.

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