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Oscar Belloso Medina

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By Andrea Luengo

There are two concepts in the business world that have been reviewed every day by people who want to be successful management and leadership. Managing is nothing more than people, materials and funding, and making the relationship of these disparate items greater than the sum of the parts . On the other hand, leadership is the process of intentionally inspiring and persuading others to achieve enduring goals and fulfill the necessities of the group. A leader is a person who promote changes; someone who is good dealing with competencies such as vision, goal set, self control, perseverance, love, communication, investment and authority.

In Venezuela, Oscar Belloso Medina represents one of the most important entrepreneur leaders who has challenged the educational system to effect the establishment of the first bilingual university in this country.

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As a leader, Oscar Belloso started his dream in 165 at the Zulia University. He began working as a professor of Legal Medicine, and began to build his vision of institutions that could bring an educational system that fulfills the expectations of the market, but it was not until 167 when he started teaching Biology in colleges and high schools of the community when he paid attention to what was going on, which events would be important for the future, which would be the new approaches of the education in contrast with the environment that might frame this market. His fertile mind generated the idea to create institutions where

· People would receive an outstanding education and then bring profits to the society.

· The educational system would bring high technology to the community given the opportunity to participate in the worldwide market.

· Professors would develop programs and skills in the students that not only noteworthy satisfy the requirements of Venezuela but also have an impact in the international community.

He committed to this vision and started to set realistic goals to achieve his dreams. Oscar Belloso established his direction through an objective point of view, matching the necessities of the market and likes and dislikes of his customers, creating an institution where high school students could finish their education process in two and half years instead of five. This first institution was named “Universal Institute” with the free-scholar system. As a good leader , he established measurable goals, so by 18, he founded “Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin College”, and “Dr. Rafael Belloso Chacin University” (URBE) in 18. In a conference, he said to the audience that there were many things that made his dreams come true discipline, perseverance and a set agenda. He said “I wrote and described my goals, and set an agenda with a positive point of view of the necessary items to achieve them…the most important fact is to incorporate behavior changes in the goals; it is only in this way that we can make the difference”. He understood that setting a goal program would allow people to make right decisions and evaluate goals; otherwise, the external environment would take charge of your decisions and your life.

Furthermore, Oscar Belloso has demonstrated his self control by walking around his organizations, saying “welcome” to students and employee; taking part in the solution of every day problems, and keeping firm his vision even throughout the misfortunate situations that Venezuela has faced. This attitude is a crucial characteristic of a leader, self control brings discipline, strength, freedom and confidence for the one who practice.

In spite of all obstacles and impossibilities Oscar Belloso has been perseverant. He challenged the community’s myth that public universities are better than the private ones. He has change the paradigm showing that it is possible to create excellent institutions. He dealt with unforeseeable events but in the end, he promoted the virtual university, the classroom for oral judge practices, the TV and radio station, the first bilingual university in the country and the figure of diplomado programs that are recognized by the Education Ministry of The Bolivarian Venezuelan Republic. He and his team have been perseverant and have never renounced their goal. Every day, they employed new strategies that can be used to obtain other objectives.

Another important factor that frame Oscar Belloso Chacin as a leader is his love. As Maryorin Carrizo wrote in her research work, true love is more than an emotional feeling; it is a “Willpower Act” that a leader works and develops for the good of others. Oscar Belloso frequently expresses his consideration and affection for the others. That is one of the strength of his leadership. He believed in the power of the people and because of it, took the threat of reeducate inmates at The National Jail of Maracaibo in 171. He understands that people work through rewards and love. He is a model to his followers teaching them how love, reward and teamwork help and benefit everyone.

In addition, good communication skills represent another essential factor that describe Oscar Belloso. A leader should have the capacity of influence and organize meaning for the members of the organization. Oscar Belloso is conscious about the power of communication in the development of the organizations to achieve long term development goals and success. He identifies himself with others’ experiences, listens to their likes and dislikes and promotes an environment of perpetual innovative learning; as a result, he empowers his team to attain the goals of his institutions with authority, responsibility and acknowledgement. He has manifested the importance of the communication by promoting the development of the URBE web page with links to communicate among the external environment and the institutions, the radio and TV station (URBE is the only university that have this type of communication in Zulia state), and finally with TELLOS magazine, which is the tribune for promotion, debate, discussion, and is acknowledged to offer answer to national problems. Researchers of URBE and any other private and public institutions can participate.

By the way, Oscar Belloso perceived and found the reason for his investment OUTSTANDING EDUCATION. His followers recognized that he is investment for the benefit of themselves. According to Thomas Peters and Robert Walerman in their book “In Search of Excellence Lessons from Americas Best-Run Companies” there are eight factors that contribute for the excellence in different kinds of entities and investment was one of them. Excellent companies invest in their customers; getting close to them to offer an outstanding service and giving the best profit for their money. As a result they gain loyalty from their customer, profitable benefits and so on. Oscar Belloso has invested in his organization offering to their customer better facilities such as health department, studies rooms, parking with electronic counters, opportunities to develop artistic talent that can be performed in an auditorium with a capacity for two hundred and fourteen people and labs for computer, physics and electronics. They are complementary unpaid services that help maximize the individual and collective effort of the community.

Finally, the manifestation of authority helped to Oscar Belloso gain the respect from his followers and community for his convictions about how to coach people to achieve the goals of the organization. He had drive, determination and concentration of the potential of his team. He strongly believed in his vision, ideas and how his leadership benefits stake holders.

In summary, Oscar Belloso represents a charismatic leader distinguished by his managerial results and the satisfaction of his team. He focuses on creating the conditions for achieving his goal, empowering others; and understanding their needs. Oscar Belloso is a leader because the degree to which competency is one of his integral characteristics, and the degree to which others are influenced by his individual behavior and his values . His vision inspires the community , as Simon Bolivar said, “A human being without education is an incomplete human being”, and because of this, every semester and year more and more people get integral education from his institutions and are looking forward not only to their own benefits, but also to those of the community.



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