Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Barbies, Ouselves

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“Our Barbies, Ourselves”

Emily Prager “reveals the damaging effect of a doll that establishes such an impossible standard of physical perfection for little girls- and for little boys who grow up expecting their girlfriends to look like Barbie” in the essay “Our Barbies, Ourselves.” At first she introduces the fact that Barbie was designed by a man named Jack Ryan, and then shares personal comments about how now “things made sense” that she had “wondered about for years.” The writer then goes on to talk about the effects that Barbie has had on women and girls everywhere; how it effects their self esteem, self conception, an idea of their place in society. She talks about how Barbie is an unrealistic view of a woman for little girls and it has help to develop our country into the “Barbie world” we live in now. The author also allows us to see the other side of Barbie that isn’t as obvious as the pretty girls, the feminist side of Barbie. She states how Barbie was an independent woman “with her condos and fashion plazas and pools and beauty salons” from a feminist point of view. Then at the end of the essay the writer switches into a different comparing the differences between Ken and Barbie’s sexuality and the way the sexuality of men and women is separated in the entertainment industry still today.

The writer does not support her thesis well because she doesn’t use supporting facts to back it up. She tries getting the point across using her personal point of view on the effects of Barbie on the young men and women in America rather than using statistics and actual researched facts. Even though the supporting details of the paper are not factorial she presents her ideas and thoughts well and in a persuasive manner. The way she contrasts the in the paper with a humorous and serious tone keeps the reader interested and captures their mind. A good example of this is in the second paragraph when she seems to be joking about the shape of Barbie’s body and the how no woman would have ever designed her to look that way but at the same time she is getting her point across about how Barbie’s figure is disproportionate and give a high standard for girl to look up to. She organizes the piece of writing well with a good progression of thoughts from paragraph to paragraph, starting with the origin of Barbie and then moving to her thoughts about what effect the doll has had on the general public and then at the end introducing the effect Barbie has had on the entertainment industry. The author also connects with the reader because she writes the paper as if it is only a conversation with on of her close friends, speaking with simple sentences and vocabulary while expressing complete thoughts.

The essay overall has not been convincing or effective because more of the important pieces of the paper seem to be missing something. The supporting details lack real proof to prove her thesis which makes the writing only personal feeling on the topics. The last, concluding, paragraph does not fit in with the trend the rest of the essay has expressed, instead it switches from effect of Barbie on individuals to the effect of Barbie on and industry. It is also not clear what the purpose of the writing is. Is it to make people aware of the effect Barbie has had on Americans of just a paper with her complaining about how Barbie influenced her. She is to indecisive with her thoughts and jumps from point to point with out enough detail to support it. There were some good parts of the paper like her tone, style and main ideas, but the paper lacks the basis of facts, support and detail. The essay would have had more of an effect on readers is it show more than just the authors view and impression of Barbie.

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