Thursday, July 12, 2012

Who am I

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According to Robert Feldman, Essentials of Understanding Psychology (Third Edition). Identity is the distinguishing character of an individual who each of us is, what our roles are, and what we are capable of. Eriksos (15). Physocosial theory of development, the most important task of adolescence is to resolve the crisis of identity versus role confusion. Psychosocial development encompasses people understanding of themselves, (Erikson 16).

Identity is developed bu using ones own set of values and social behaviour. Thge attempt to discover who I am, what are my strengths, what is special and unique about me and what kind of role I am best suited to play for the rest of my life. However, this doesnt generally occur before, one experiments with a variety of values and social behaviour - often to the disapproval on parents.

Erikson summarizes identity development into eight stages. Trust versus mistrust, Autonomy versus shame and doubt, initative versus guilt, industry versus inferiority, identity versus role-confusion, intimacy versus isolation, Generatity versus stagnation and Ego-integrity versus despair.

The different stages occur from birth trough late adulthood. According to Erikson, it is of paramount importance that one realizes or masters a particular stage before he moves on as this will help him to reach self-Actualization.

Growing up in an extended family there was this security that I felt knowing that there was always someone there for me. There was feeling of comfort in my immediate surrounding. This gave me the confidence I needed to do all there was that I could do. I wasnot afraid to fail because I knew that I would not be penalized but rather instructed on the correct steps to mastery.

My family values education, this gave me the motivation to do my best in school. Reason being that, if there was ever something I was not clear about I culd always take it home and I would get the necessary help to clearup my misunderstanding. Also, the fact that this great value was placed on education my mother would always maintain a close relationship with all my lecturers. Thus giving me the confidence I neededto have a open relationship with them.

This education value gave me the drive to succeed. I would always wantto beon top of my class, therefore, one could always find me doing my own private reading. I would always ask questions about current affairs, things I hear on the news and always family conversation.

Another inportant factor in my life was religion. Growing up in a christian home I waould always believe there is not anything that I could not overcome with God and if there was anything going wrong in my life then I would know that it was ordained by him. In that, God had made me a promise that what ever happens to me is ordained by him and it is for a reason, therefore I would alwayslook for the good in all my bad experiences and then capitalize on it.

There are days when I would cry but as he says tears are a language that he understands. I have come to realize that no one is perfect therefore I will make mistakes but what couynts is how I move on fro mmy mistakes.

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