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compliants letter

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Dear sir/madam

I am writing in regards to an incident that took place in your Karen Millen store at Sheffield - Meadowhall on rd September 00.

I saw one of your handbags in the Leeds store, which I didn’t buy at the time (as I was waiting for pay day), but then when I got back in Sheffield I decided to go into the Meadowhall store, just to make sure that they sold the same handbag, which they did.

I then asked the sales assistant how long they had the handbag for, and how much long they were intending to sell the handbag for. The reason I asked these questions were because I was waiting for payday, and I didn’t want the handbag to get sold out (which I did explain to the sales assistant).The lady told me that it was the last one. I then asked about the transfers produces (to get it ordered from another store, if Meadowhall no longer held them), which then the sales assistant did explain to me.

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But then the lady suggested me to open a store card, on a month interest free period, which I refused but appreciated her advice as all she was trying to do was help. The reason I refused was due to the credit search that had to be done in order to apply for the card, which I did mention to sales assistant. But then the sales assistant really started to push me into applying for the store card, and she wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then another shop assistant decided to interfere and again she too started pushing me into opening an account (completely ignoring the point that I do not want the store card because I did not want credit search doing, as I have had done in the past 4-5months). They both kept on telling me that if I spend over £75.00(as the handbag was for £10.00), I would get it on a month interest free period. And again completely avoiding the point that it’s the credit search I do not want doing. I made many excuses to them but none of the lady’s would take no for an answer, I was in a really embarrassing situation as I had all these customers looking at me. I then finally gave up, and agreed to open the account (which could be breaking the law as they practically forced me into opening an account where a credit search was required).

As I filled out the form, the shop assistant then started to tell me that if I spend over £00.00 today I would get an extra 4month interest free credit instead of the months. So she then told me to have a look around, at this point I thought everything was becoming ridiculous, as my main purpose and intentions were just to make sure that the meadowhall store, also sold the same handbag and that they would still have it there for payday. Instead the shop assistants were trying their very best to make me buy something there and then over the value of £00.00. I had now been in the Karen Millen store for almost 0-5mins, at the same time I was feeling too guilty to walk out of the store without buying anything, as I had all these people in the store staring at me, with the sales assistant pestering me. But then I thought to myself, I am not going to get bullied into buying anything, as it’s me who’s going to pay for the products, not the sales assistants.

So I then told them that I am not interested anymore. Soon as I told the sales assistants, one of them walked away from me and the other just turned a cold shoulder away from me and started to do something on the till, Leaving me alone on the desk with the form, not one thanking me for my time. Instead I thanked them for their time and I didn’t even get a reply back apart from a kind lady at the doors.

In the end I didn’t even buy the handbag, or neither was I asked if I was still interested in the month interest free credit for just the handbag. Everything that day in the shop just became too ridiculous and embarrassing. As each time I agreed to buy something, I just got bullied into spending more and more money, which at the end of the day, would come out of my pocket not the sales assistants pockets.

I am really sorry to complain like this, but with another store I probably wouldn’t of had bothered, but because most of my clothing is from Karen Millen, I just don’t want this to happen again to me or anyone else. Sometimes you just want to look around and not buy anything, and just want to be left alone, which were my intentions on that day, but instead I was just left feeling really guilty, embarrassed and bullied by the sales assistants behaviour. This incident just left me thinking was it just because I looked young (which could be considered as age Discrimination) or was it because I just looked a little confused, which may of given the sales assistants the false impressions to think that I was an easy target, in order for them to achieve they daily or weekly sales targets.

I had been looking really forward towards your new Autumn & Winter range, as I have never had any sort of problems before in any of your stores, as the customer service levels have always exceeded, but now I feel that each time I am going to enter your Meadowhall Karen Millen I am going to get bullied into buying something, when this should most definitely not be the case. I hope that in the future you would be able to use this letter as a reference to train the staff in the meadowhall store. Most importantly not to push customers into buying anything, and then not to take the customers refusals personal, as this is what you would expect when you over push customers. And also to respect and to value customers decisions, and not to think “I am not going to assist that customer because they not going to buy anything” which I feel this is appalling customer service.

If any future training is to be given to your colleagues in the Meadowhall store after this letter, is it possible that you not mention this letter to any of the staff, as I am a regular shopper in your meadowhall store and I do not want this to affect any customer service I may require in your store. But to be fair the rest of the staff are excellent in that store and always smiling and very helpful, apart from the sales assistants, which unfortunately I didn’t manage to get their names. And thank you very much for taking out your time to read this letter. Much appreciated.

Yours sincerely

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