Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Prepare yourself for a successful job interview

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Successful interviewing begins with preparation. In order to be successful, you should always seek to retain control of the process. You can do that by doing your very best in each and every interview. Treat every interview as if it were the only one you will ever get. The following section will give you some instruction how to prepare yourself for an interview.

The first and key element to successful interviewing can be summed up in one word attitude. If you want to rise above others with better experience, better grades, or better anything, you will need to work on developing a highly positive work attitude. You can show your winning attitude in the way you present yourself. Incorporate the actual words positive attitude, excellence, and striving to be my best into your interview language.

Second important part is a practice. Before you go through an actual interview, you should practice through a mock interview. It is an opportunity to work out your weaknesses, to practice your interviewing technique and answers live. It is also a chance to hear constructive feedback from someone who can guide you toward improving your interviewing style and presentation.

The next aspect of job search preparation that can truly set you apart is employer research. Employer research is what brings you together with those who have the power and authority to potentially offer you a job. The source locations where employer information can be found include the Internet, your Career Centre, Campus Library, Public Library, and direct company contact.


After that it is the time to check the dress code. The interview is not the place to exhibit your flair for the latest in fashion style. Even though many companies have relaxed the internal company dress code, interviews still follow the conservative standard. Business suits are still in. And do not forget the shoes! Make sure your shoes are conservative, clean, and polished.

Finally, do not forget, what you say is as important as the way you say it. Start whit a small talk to create comfortable setting. Maintain eye contact while speaking. Try to be yourself. Smile from time to time, pay attention to your gestures, make sure they are natural and meaningful. Listen carefully, ask for clarification on points that are not clear . Show your interest and curiosity about the position asking questions.

Finding a job and finding a good job are two very different things. Following this simple instructions can help you accomplish that goal. All you need is to properly prepare yourself for your job search. No one owes you a job. You have to put fort the effort to find it.

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