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A Real Christmas Spirit

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Stars light up the frosty sky in the winter night, with their comforting blinks. Their mere presence is, if nothing else, a subtle proclamation of their watch over us. Their existence becomes all the more clear the farther away from the urban world you get.

The wind’s whisper of cold adds extra value to our homes, campfires and the things that help to keep us warm. Many people drive far away from their homes to enjoy such times in private.

In a cabin high up in the mountains, a group of four friends were gathered in front of a fireplace. The flames, doing all they muster to win the never ending thermometric struggle of heat and cold, were licking the air with the speed and skill of a lesbian hermaphrodite highly aroused and indulged in oral sex.

With the chill pressing in from the outside, and the heat fighting it out on the inside, the atmosphere in the cabin was tense, but yet calm, like absence of birdsong before a thunderstorm.

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The two couples in the chalet were mingling in the exhilarating tension of this winter night’s magic. Lulu was, lying with her back against the boasting beast of her boyfriend Spartacus, lost in fantasy. Cuddling as they were, love and sex entwined in the caressing motion of Sparta’s hands stroking Lulu’s body, only vaguely aware of the other couple’s silent but conspicuous acts of love.

Scant’s kisses had already reached his mate’s second pair of lips in full pursuit of clitoral salvation. In exchange for his ventures, Ally was doing everything in her power to drive his partly maimed, and hence his name, biological misshapen to its best potential. Because of Scant’s small handicap, they had both put much effort into oral sex to bring it to a new level. The soft moans of Ally were almost as arousing for Scant as her mouth’s work. Her pulse was quickening with the need for more blood in the lower part of her body and Scant could feel the heartbeats, giving away Ally’s present state, with his tongue. Twirling her sex in soft, circular motions, he knew exactly how to call forth the miracle of nature. Softly entering her with first one finger, then another, never stopping the work of magic deriving from his mouth, he felt her put even more effort into her own practice by sliding his abomination in and out of her mouth, simulating the entering and leaving of her natural, fleshy pit.

Lulu was by this time fully entranced by Sparta’s soft kisses upon her neck, the prophecy of pleasure his hands promised to fulfill with help from the divinity between his legs. She slowly turned her body so that she was facing her persuader. Sparta, in reply, slid down from the neck of the couch to lie down with his lady on top of him. Sparta’s glory was still concealed in his jogging pants, though its presence was as obvious as a fart in church. He took hold of her breasts, naked behind her sweater, and slowly she brought out the sledgehammer in his pants. It was ready to smite love for all it was worth, and Lulu never rejected a possibility of reaching heaven on earth. There was no way she could enfold the biological dream at once, so it had to go step by step, starting with the crown of the majestic prick.

The sound of five, slightly heavy, rhythmic knocks on the bedroom window, threw them all out of their private ecstasy. Ally jumped so sudden at the rapping that Scant’s shame caught her in deep throat, and she started choking. Scant, not bothered by the knocking, responded by digging into her now soaked hole, believing the gurgle and abrupt action to be signals of orgasm. But his thoughts got ripped away when the commotion on the couch nearby gained full momentum.

Lulu’s legs had cramped at the knocking, with Sparta halfway inside her, and the force of gravity instantly took hold of the situation. Slowly, accompanied by the screams and yammering of what could be both pain and delight, Lulu slid down on Sparta’s massive monolith. Sparta could only watch, paralyzed by the sensation of finally feeling the full work of friction upon his gifted member and confused by the ambiguous and shifting yelps and growls from his lover.

Scant was quick to register the jeopardy of Lulu’s future motherhood and jumped up, his own crippled member wringed from Ally’s throat, and came to Lulu’s aid. He slowly worked against gravity and hauled her off the giant. As Sparta left her body, she doubled over and fell to the floor. Sparta acted quickly by trying to catch her, but with little success.

Sparta went down on his knees and took hold of his beauty around her chest and brought her up with him on the couch.

“What the fuck was that?” he exclaimed, with a hint of frustration in his voice.

”How the fuck should I know! One moment I’m on top of the world and the next everyone loses their fucking minds!” Scant wailed, clearly disappointed by the way his pleasures came to a sudden halt.

And again, this time from the kitchen-window, came the sound of knocking. Five rhythmic and short-lived bangs, then silence. Every one of the four people, having moments before been lost in their love for each other, went stiff. The air changed in a matter of seconds from warm and loving to eerie despair; Ally’s heart went from pumping warm blood of joy to fear striking adrenaline; Scant’s dreams of satisfaction were quickly replaced by bafflement and Sparta’s fuming pride dropped dead. Lulu was still lying unconscious on the couch with Sparta.

”Alright everyone, spit it out. Whoever is pulling this prank, I want to let you know it’s not funny. This’s our night, and none of you carry the right to ruin it for me.” Scant said, with a flame born of fury, not of love, igniting his words.

“Don’t try to play smart, Scant. Just because you’re not as lucky as me with your equipment, doesn’t mean you have to be an ass. This is a very immature way of showing your envy for my master sword, dude. Stop the bullshit!” Sparta yelled while standing up, angry with Scant’s accusations. He grabbed another blanket from the couch with which he covered up his naked body.

A new set of five rhythmic knocks sounded, just as unpredictable, just as disturbing. Only this time it didn’t come from a window, but from the wall right behind the couch Lulu was lying on.

Now aware of that no one was pulling anybodies leg, Scant’s anger calmed and Sparta muttered an apology for his own foulness. Lulu, recovering from her shock, sat up on the couch with hear legs spread wide, fresh blood running from between her legs and down on the floor, leaving no doubt as to if the piercing had hurt her or not.

“Lulu!” Sparta exclaimed, seemingly forgetful of the unexplained sounds, and putting his own blanket around her for comfort. Lulu slowly turned her head and looked into his eyes. Then she said, as soft as a child’s prayer on its mom’s grave, “I think I know what it’s like to be fucked by an Indian elephant high on Viagra trying to prove his sexual alignment to his homosexual tribe.”

Her words were lost to Sparta’s ears to the breaking of glass in the kitchen. The three of them hurried to the kitchen. The window was partly shattered and shards of glass were lying everywhere, bidding any careless barefoot welcome.

“Who the hell walks around at this time of night, bullying some lonely cabin in the middle of nowhere? I say we pay him back for his company, and we do it with the currency of physics.” Sparta said, unable to hide a tremble in his voice that gave his uncertainty of the situation away.

“The hell with this guy or whatever’s out there. No one is to screw my night over and walk away from it unhurt! I’m with you. Ally, you stay here and watch the window ok? I don’t want this fucker to get away.”

Ally nodded. A shriek from the living room put speed to Sparta’s and Scant’s thinking.

“Ally, you stay!” yelled Sparta and rushed after the cry with Scant on his heels. Ally stood her ground with a face clearly uncomprehending. This was obviously too much for Ally’s fragile mind. It had been ground and carefully molded by therapists since the butchery of her loving mother and the suicide of the murderer, her father.

What met the eyes of Spartacus and Scant was a sight ready to blast them both into a life in insanity. The creature now sitting on top of Lulu’s naked body was about 4 feet tall. Its tail was wagging like a puppy’s tail at the first taste of whipped cream, its circular, pursed mouth busy sucking out what once was a pair of beautiful eyes. The sounds it made will only compare to those of sexual pleasure, its low moans and deep growls adding sickness to the display of such impossible morbidity. A two feet long arm was stretched out with one finger up in the air, signaling the observers to halt. Its other hand was, with the eagerness that of a boy tearing off the paper on his largest Christmas present, probing the inside of the woman’s stomach through a gut at her navel.

Obviously satisfied with just one of the eyeballs, it set its eyes at the onlookers. From the creation’s mouth hung a trail of flesh that lead to the victim’s empty eye socket. In a single move it grabbed hold around the waist of the dead body and, with legs resembling those of a locust, leaped almost across the whole room and landed at the doorway in a splatter of blood and guts. With a sneering giggle it jumped out the door, leaving the house to its three mesmerized occupants.

What was left of Lulus once wonderful body was a pool of blood with some abdomen ingredients that had been scooped out of it and thrown carelessly about.

Ally’s sudden singing of “Ode to Joy” was what broke the thrall of the witnesses. Their minds banished what they had just seen out of sheer disbelief, and turned around and entered the kitchen. They watched, muted by terror, Ally’s performance.

And she sang “Joy, beautiful spark of the gods, Daughter of Elysium, We enter fire imbibed, Heavenly, thy sanctuary!”

As her shrill voice carried around the room, she sat playing with a lighter meant to give fire to the gas oven. She was baking her toes, one by one, in the moderate heat the fire made. The form of her two smallest toes was already unrecognizable with disfiguration, and the third had already started smoking.

Sparta was the first one to make a move. Still unable to speak, he went forth to take the tool of shaping away from her. She abruptly started screaming and utter profanities over another with such a nerve shattering tone that it sent Sparta back two steps. It was neither Sparta nor Scant that were to silence Ally’s freak show.

Five hammering blows, in the same rhythm as before, were delivered on a wall, opposite the kitchen, in the living room, followed up by an eerie titter and the sound of long nails dragged against the wall. The appalling rip the nails made faded slowly as its maker moved around the chalet. Scant had wet the floor with piss as fear had taken control of his bladder. Ally went back to singing and the redesigning of her toes, but this time her voice was just audible, giving full color to the sound from outside. The grinding noise outside made it’s way all the way around until it nearly reached the window behind Ally’s back. An instant later there were two lurking eyes, set too far apart to be human, and a third, familiar eye, placed on top of the things head. Its eyes rolled back and forth, maybe to try pick out the next victim, perhaps to intimidate its hostages or possibly out of mere curiosity.

Ally stopped singing and turned around.

“Hi… See how pretty feet I have!” she said with a girlish note. But at the display of the charred and deformed toes, the creature’s head vanished from the windowsill.

“Don’t you like it?” she despaired with a cry.

“Ally, get the fuck away from the window!” yelled Sparta, who had by the sight of the creature regained enough wits to speak. But it was too late.

At the end of his last spoken syllable the creature came leaping, with speed betraying the laws of physics, in the window. Its widespread eyes went from one person to the other, its frothing mouth twisting into what looked like a grin.

Sparta took hold of Scant and dragged them both into the living room that minutes before had been the stage of a brutal murder. He could see the creature now standing next to Ally on the kitchen bench. Its fingers were twirling and its head bobbing in ecstasy of the meal in front of it. Its mouth grew like that of a fish and in one move covered up Ally’s head down to her neck. Ally’s arms and legs started flailing wildly and she fell from her seat at the bench. The thing started gobble its way down her neck, and pushed the body further in with its hands and the tail on its back was once again dancing with joy.

Sparta was drawn back by the sight and slipped in the pool of what was left of his girlfriend. He took a full blow to the back of his head when he hit the floor, and went out cold.

Scant stood unmoving, watching the undoing of his girlfriend. When the creature had munched down half of Ally’s still moving body, it started regurgitating. Slowly, it pushed and dragged out its half consumed meal by means of gagging and its hands. With a gurgle, Ally’s head left the monster’s mouth. Her whole upper body was covered in reeking phlegm that seemed to make its way through her clothes and skin. Her oily hands gained sudden strength and started hitting invisible targets and her mouth, which was slowly melting beneath a thick orange layer of what might be gastric juice, opened to make its last cry for merci, but not a sound escaped her lips, but she did acquire a mouthful of melted flesh and teeth. Seeing its victim choke on facial fluid, the captor got ready with renewed spirit to feast again.

The blood covered living room turned into a blood bath. The creature ferociously gnawed Ally into bits and pieces with its wiry fingers and showered the room with her. Scant was the only one to witness this confetti of insides, brains, skin and blood, but he would not remember it for long.

The creature tore all, but for her legs and arms, of Ally apart. His ripping-frenzy died out, and the creature looked more or less bored with what was left. Its breath was labored with weary and its widespread eyes looked up to scrutinize its next source of entertainment and nutrition.

Its eyes locked on Scant who returned the stair, clearly traumatized. The creature grew to full size, about 8 feet above the ground, by extending its legs. It covered the distance between them in one step. Its chest was only an inch away from Scant, but yet he didn’t make a single move, but for the heave caused by his breathing.

With a single blow, the abhorrer split Scant’s skull in two and before his body fell to the floor, it shot its second arm through Scant’s chest and dragged him up the wall until its face was aligned with his cracked skull. The creature took hold of scants brain and sucked it into its mouth. Instead of devouring the cerebrum, the thing chewed on the brain as to enjoy the sweetness of it. Then, it withdrew the hand holding up the limp body, and in its clutching fingers was Scant’s inside. The organs traced a path to the opening in his body, and as he dropped to the floor, his guts got pulled out of the gaping hole, making a sickening, slurping sound. The beast, its appetite apparently unsated, sucked the bloody entrails in like spaghetti soaked in ketchup, every now and then halting to gobble up a meatball or two.

After finishing its third snack, the creature looked quite refreshed. Its belly had grown twice the size it had started out as, and to judge by the gurgle and burps, it seemed satisfied after all. It wobbled its way to were Sparta was lying, unmoving. It set its plump butt down next to Sparta and put its arms around his waist. Its legs mingled in between and locked around Sparta’s, so that he would not make any move unnoticed by the creature. After openly savoring Sparta’s living body by kissing it with its bloody, circular lips, it was soon sound asleep.

And so they slept, like husband and wife, beneath a sky twinkling with bemused stars this winter’s night. The thick woods covering up the cabin making sure no one will ever hear the screams of agony and torment that would pierce the hush of the wind and beautiful birdsong the next morning, or perhaps week, depending on how much entertainment Sparta would bestow upon Moggat Slimebucket.

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