Monday, October 22, 2012

Top 7 Myths Of Affiliate Programs

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Top 7 Affiliate Marketing Myths

Previously Top 5 Affiliate Myths

1. Affiliate Marketing is Easy to do than Product

Marketing. Look around many of the so called affiliate

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marketers. All they try to do is to sell,sell and sell the affiliate

product whereas the visitor will easily identify the

game and wont play to your rules.

.Affiliate Marketing is cutting and pasting the ads

the merchants provide and voila sales start to happen.

No. The visitor is sick and tired of seeing the same

ads everywhere and off he goes.

. You dont need a website to be an affiliate. While it

is true that you really dont need a website, it always

helps to have your own website so that you can try to

capture the email address. Either you get the sale or

at least his email address to follow-up. No website, and

there is no way to get in touch with your visitor ever


4. You dont need to own the product you promote. It may

be true for some very big ticket items, normally for

info products, it is better you own the product and try

to presell rather than selling the product.

5. Its free to be an Affiliate Marketer. Its free to

join as an affiliate and if you are not going to invest

your time and effort you may as well start doing

something else worthwhile.

I would add this one

6. Affiliate Marketing is all about chasing people and trying to sell to them.

Wrong! There are many passive ways to sell. Better still, if you would like to invest a bit of effort and time to build a site with interesting contents, you can turn the way around - they actively search for your site and what you promote. In fact, you can earn money with your site using Google Adsense without joining a single affiliate program! Thinking that building a site is too hard for you? You can do it using a site name registration, site developing, site building and promoting system without knowing or learning HTML!

7.Affiliate Programs Dont Make Money

There are people who make lots of money with websites they dont own or operate. I would lke to give just one name as example.

Rosalind Gardener

I would like to be there too soon

After signing a couple of Affiliate programs and trying to send traffic, many come to conclusion that Aff programs dont pay and they are off to doing something else.

Dont commit this mistake. I have done it and left several hundred dollars on the table. Try to find out the conversion rate. If you can find out how many buyers you get for say 100, 1000 visitors, you will be able to find out the conversion rate. Anything above 1% isvery good conversion rate.

May be you should use, SIMA. Duncan will be able to help you. I have not yet used it, but it is recieving rave reviews all across.

Or you should go for a paid Tracking program which runs on its own server. I have very good experience with hypertracker and I would suggest anyone to try it. They even give a 15 day F^ree trial.

Once you have a clear idea, you can continue to promote it or choose a better program.

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