Friday, March 22, 2013

Henry V

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This poster is for a contemporary screen play of Henry V, originally written by William Shakespeare.

The title of Henry V is in large print and bold to show a dominance and power. It also is eye-catching and stands out from the rest, which is figurative of King Henry’s representation in the text, and therefore film as the ideal king. The red shadowing behind these words is representative of the blood spilled on both sides during the war, particularly of those who died in Henry’s name.

As well as this, a reference is made to the fact that it is one of Shakespeare’s plays. To me this is important as Shakespeare does need to be credited and recognized for his incredible work.

In the background of the main images, covering the whole poster, is the image of the English flag. This is to represent the overwhelming patriotism of the English soldiers for their country and their King.

The sword has a double meaning, one more obvious then the other. The first is to represent the war, the fighting and death. The second is religious, as it is in the shape of a cross, an important Christian symbol. This is included because, the church / bishops have a very influential role in guiding King Henry in his decisions, the most significant being the decision of going to war against France to claim back the land that was rightfully his, as he was told by the bishop of Canterbury in Act1 scene. The symbol of the cross is also significant as a part of being a good king was being Christian, which Henry was.

The crown symbolizes Henry’s authority and responsibility as king. As the king he has an enormous amount of power, he is not selfish with it, but does use it wisely.

The eagle featured in the bottom section of the poster is representative of the majestical power of King Henry V and his small, but strong army. They come together as one unit to fight against the French army, who are in larger numbers then they were. The English beat all odds to defeat their enemy, truly acting as one, like a swift eagle, as opposed to a number of individuals.

“He that sheds his blood with me shall be my brother” is from the Saint Crispins Day speech said by King Henry V before the battle at Agincourt (Act 4, scene , lines 61-6). In this rally to his troops to help boost their morale, he tells then that he is at the same level as all of them. That they are all equals in the eyes of Henry, and the eyes of God.

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