Friday, March 22, 2013

scrapt book- teens

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What do you Most/Least like about your age?

Its not easy being a teen. Although I feel like an adult and wish to be more independent, my family and friends often treat me as if I were still a kid. The pressure of school and other responsibilities is there all the time as I begin to seriously think about what the future may hold.

There are many things I like and dislike about being a teenager. Some of my dislikes may include how someone is always watching you in a certain way just because you are a teen. For example one Saturdays night, my friends and I had walked into a supermarket. As we were walking around we noticed someone was watching/following us in the store. So we got kind of scared and started to walk toward the other side of the alie. But one of my friends had confronted him and asked him why he was following us. He answers and told us that it was his job to make sure nobody steals in the store. Then he asked him why he was following us, he said that teens are main people that steal in the store. I thought that was so stereotypical of him to say. Just because some teens steal that doesn’t mean that all teens steal. Another dislike I have about being a teen is that if a teen ever does anything out of the ordinary people blame that behavior on the jumping hormones teens have in their bodies. This is also very stereotypical because if some is in there teen years and are very hyper they blame it on the hormones. But if someone is at the ages from 4-10 year old and is hyper they blame it on age.

Being a teen is not always bad it sometimes have there advantages. For example it is the stage before my adult years and is the only time I have to do anything fun and adventurous before becoming in my eyes I an adult. In my eyes I think adults, like my parents, are very corny but when I grow up I would think differently because I will be one of them. Some other thinks I like about my teen life is that the relationship I have with girls. When you are a teen I think relationships are not really as important as when you grow up. So I think that it is a time when you have good convocations and start to have a sex life.

There are many people responsible for a teenager’s behavior. It is not only parent, it could be teen’s friends, brothers, sister or it could even be a stranger (role model). Parents are one of the major ones. I feel this way because a teen closest or the person they had now the most is their parent. There are many things. A parent can influence on their child and not even know it. For example if a parent j-walks every times he / her cross the street the child might also j-walk when they are with the friends. Another example is if a parent smokes and a child grows up to think that smoking is O.K. Friend do the same if one of the friends smoke. He would say

“Just try it once”. Peer pressure and they would do it. So in conclusion parents are not the only people who interest teens.

If a teen does something illegal I strongly believe the parent should not get punish. I feel this way because why should the parent get punish a teen does something illegal. I understand that a parent is responsible for the child until they turn 18 but I disagree with that because why should someone get punished for someone else problems. For example do you think it is fair if you teen, son tell a man is it fair for the parent to go to jail? I also think that a parent has no control over their son or daughter at the teen age.

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